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AskPatty in the News, March 2009

Published Apr 1st 2009, 1:35am by Jody DeVere in Articles Pressroom

March 2, 2009
Jody DeVere at Dealer Marketing Online: "What Is Your Online Strategy To Reach Women Car Buyers? "
The advent of the Internet has enabled women to find the resources and information they need to take charge of their own finances and buying decisions as well as give voice to their needs and preferences. With this rising tide of the economic power of women, car dealerships and automotive retailers need to devote time, resources, and budget to gain a larger share of this huge market. By 2010, women are expected to control $1 trillion or 60 percent of the country's wealth, according to research conducted by BusinessWeek and Gallup. Women purchase more than 50 percent of all new cars, in some brands up to 62 percent, and they purchase 48 percent of all used cars and 40 percent of all new trucks.

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March 14, 2009
Jody DeVere writes "What is Your Online Strategy to Reach Women Car Buyers?"
Where women car buyers are concerned, do you have an online strategy? I urge dealerships to rethink strategies for reaching this powerful auto consumer market. I also offer some tips to gain their rust and in turn, their business.

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Jody DeVere writes "Is Your Dealership Relevant to Women Car Buyers?"
For the past several months, you can't turn on the TV, glance at the Internet or flip through the pages of a newspaper without seeing a story or two about the dismal state of the auto makers and whether the local market dealerships will survive or not. The auto industry is struggling to gain ground with cash-strapped consumers and is looking for ways to once again become a relevant part of consumer's daily lives.

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Jody DeVere  in a video at Car&Caboodle: "How to: Get a Great Deal at the Car Dealership"
Whether you are shopping for a new car or a used one, walking across a car lot may make you queasy. For women in particular, car shopping is fraught with emotion. It doesn't have to be though. AskPatty's Jody DeVere gives you the tips you need to shop with confidence.

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March 24, 20009
Jody DeVere at Tire Review Magazine: "New Opportunities"
Surviving and thriving in today's economic climate is all about creating new opportunities. So said USAutoforce as it held its annual American Car Care Centers dealer meeting at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., in late February. With ACCC dealers in from eight states, USAutoforce put together a program that focused squarely on sharpening skills and developing new sales and customer relationship opportunities.

Heading up the agenda was Jody DeVere, president and CEO of, who spoke about attracting, selling and gaining loyalty with women customers. is a well-recognized Web-based community providing valuable information to women car buyers and delivering training to car dealers to help them more effectively assist female car buyers. DeVere has been expanding the site to include auto service and tire buying tips and information.

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