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Published Mar 17th 2008, 12:28am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles
March 5, 2008
AskPatty in Auto" "NIADA Names as Preferred Provider"
The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association recently announced a partnership with Under the agreement, which became effective March 1, joined NIADA's network of preferred educational providers.

According to officials, is designed to give female consumers a forum to seek purchasing and maintenance advice and a discussion forum for other auto-related topics.

"Our members will receive discounts on training and certification to become part of an influential group of Female Friendly Certified Dealerships providing female customers an enhanced car-buying experience," stated Michael Linn, NIADA executive vice president and chief executive officer.

"They will be better equipped to address the specific needs and concerns of women," Linn continued. "AskPatty certified dealers will be able to integrate the AskPatty brand into the selling and marketing environment of their dealerships."

According to officials, AskPatty's focused marketing method can help dealers draw more female customers. This can be important, as females account for 85 percent of consumer purchases.

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March 6, 2008
AskPatty's Jody DeVere Guest posts at "The 51% Minority: Women's Buying Power"
Who is the 51% "minority" that accounts for 85% of all consumer purchases? Women. Women purchase more than 51% of all new cars and influence the purchase decision of 85% of all new cars sold in the U.S., yet shopping for a new car still remains a unpleasant experience for many women.

The advent of the internet has enabled women to find the resources and information they need to take charge of their own finances and buying decisions, and give voice to their needs and preferences.

In today's competitive auto industry, dealership owners and employees can no longer afford to ignore the need to create a safe comfortable experience for the woman car buyer. If anything, they should cater to women, win their trust or risk losing market share to competitors who do recognize the huge opportunity to grow their business with these loyal customers.

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AskPatty at "Web Savvy Auto Smarts"
Is your next car purchase or maintenance on your current vehicle stressing you out, well I have two web savvy sites that will keep vehicle stress from driving you crazy.

For the ladies out there, dealing with car dealers and maintenance of your car isn't always a joy ride. is a website that can change this for you. Ask is a website and blog that is designed to create a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics. Women can use the site to shop for vehicles using the network of certified female friendly dealerships across the U.S. So you'll have confidence when you go onto the lot that your shopping experience will be an enjoyable one. Once you've made your car purchase you visit the site regularly to help you with maintaining your car and understanding car safety.

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March 7, 2008
Female Friendly Dealer Sue Seboda of Congressional Motors in The Washington Times
In 1954, Congressional Oldsmobile opened for business on South Washington Street in Rockville. The company, now named Congressional Motors, was purchased by Neil Whalen in 1962 and has been a Rockville landmark ever since. The business moved to their present location, 801 Rockville Pike, in 1980. In March of 1988, they acquired Volkswagen and Mazda franchises and consolidated the three brands until 2002, when the Oldsmobile brand ceased operations. Congressional Motors now concentrates its efforts on representing VW and Mazda.

From Mr. Whalen's 1962 purchase to the present, Congressional Motors has been family owned and operated. In 2004, Sue Whalen Seboda, Neil Whalen's daughter, became the Dealer Principal and President. She has focused on growing the business through thoughtful, professional and exceptional customer service and creating an outstanding environment for the employees to work.

To that end, Ms. Seboda recently launched the Congressional Motors' Certified Female Friendly private label Web site. The site provides a host of features to assist women through the automobile purchasing process including the often time-consuming or unpleasant credit and financing process. In response to this, the site incorporates a narrated credit application and online pre-approval process, allowing women the opportunity to get pre-approved for a loan before visiting the dealership, ultimately saving them valuable time.

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March 8, 2008
AskPatty and United Spinal Motorability Island at Second Life Tribe: "Motorability"
Click to watch the video at

Motorability Grand Opening Celebration - Fashion, Cars and Avatars Proceeds to Date is Saturday March 29th - Time 9am SLT - 3pm SLT Donation Kiosks will be set up around the event locations . 9am - 10am - Callie Cline to feature her Fashion Designs 10- ?? Dancing and music at Parkade and the Welcome Center and 10am - 12pm Racing at Fairgrounds - Demos only to help get people interested in signing up 12pm - 3pm Parkade and other dance events ongoing Events going on all morning - Tours of the United Spinal Welcome CenterMotorability Island in SecondLife is a vast, 7 sim complex designed specifically to promote United Spinal Association in SL, via the Education Center and other builds dotted around the Island. Music on the video is by Torley Linden.

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AskPatty and United Spinal at Taiju: "7SIM使ったモータースポーツのSIMが建設中みたいです。"
If you can read asian characters, check out the complete blog at

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
AskPatty at Travel Meredith: "50 Expert Auto Women Give Car Tips and Advice on" is dedicated to serving automotive the needs of women. Our advisory panel of 50 expert automotive women cover every aspect of the auto industry and can answer All your car or truck questions 24 hours - 7 days a week !

Visit our FAQ section and search the latest questions and answers, search the Q and A and learn more about each of our expert women here:

The Ask Patty panel of 50 automotive expert women hold leadership roles in the automotive industry as woman owners of new and used car dealerships, hold various roles at car dealerships as technicians, mechanics, finance managers car sales and service managers. There are also car DYI experts , NASCAR and car racing experts, tire experts, car after-market accessories experts, custom car experts, car safety and car care experts and much much more. They cover the entire gamut for you on car tips and advice and are here to help you 24/7 with your automotive related questions.

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AskPatty at Travel Meredith: "Carnival of New Female Friendly Dealers, Part One"

Wouldn't it be great if you could walk into a dealership as a woman and have a pleasurable buying experience? We certainly think so! And because it's so important to Ask Patty, we make sure there are dealerships all across the country that are certified as "female friendly"! These Certified Female Friendly dealerships have undergone special training to create a safe and comfortable environment where women feel welcome. Ask Patty trained and certified dealers are also held to a high level of customer satisfaction to help make a woman's experience of purchasing and maintaining her vehicle a pleasant one. You can use the AskPatty dealer search on to easily find one in your area. Let's meet some of our newly certified dealers around the country!

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