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Published Jul 22nd 2008, 8:00am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Monday, July 14th, 2008

AskPatty at "Certified Female Friendly"
For most women, shopping for a car is an uncomfortable experience that they think will end with a brand new car they weren't expecting to buy at a rip-off price. But thanks to a group of women from, an automotive website for women, dealers can now become "certified female friendly." That's right, they're offering training modules to inform salespersons and managers on how to attract, sell to, and retain the loyalty of female consumers.

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AskPatty in the Wall Street Journal: "Selling a car? Speak to the missus"
Jody DeVere, the program's creator and founder of an auto-advice Web site aimed at women, hopes to do away with the "calendars of naked women hanging over the desks of dealership employees," for example. She points out the Road & Travel Magazine statistic that women now buy 65% of all new cars and 53% of all used cars. Women influence 95% of auto purchases overall, yet Ms. DeVere says even she has felt uncomfortable buying a car.
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Read a follow-up to this article at "Is Your Car Dealership Certified Female Friendly?"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
AskPatty on   has announced that the social networking site for moms will partner with Wishpot to host a virtual launch party for Wishpot Baby , a baby shopping space with a social twist. Wishpot Baby went live on Tuesday, July 1.
Since launching in August 2006, has teamed up with numerous organizations, such as, ClassyMommy and Partnership for a Drug-Free America, whose mission align with the goals and vision of the site and its member base.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008
AskPatty at WichiTalk, the Blog: "What Web site simplifies your life?" is listed at the top of this list that includes ten of the most useful sites for women. Click to read the complete list, and see the other nine sites, which also include,, and

AskPatty at "Storytelling Time"
Ask Patty! will tell you that women are big car buyers and that we know our way around a dealership. If you're using bikini clad babes to sell your cars,'s pretty clear that women are not going to buy. AND...if that's your tactic to sell to'd better think again. Those men will likely be accompanied by a woman (usually a significant other) and guess what - she's not going to approve of dealerships who use sex to sell. Read the complete article at

AskPatty at "Teen Talk Equals Ticketing, Even Driving Hands-Free"
Well, it's D-day for driving, teens.

Much like the KFF study on teen media multitasking, lawmakers in California, cellphone capitol of the ueber-wired, have decided kids are driven to distraction, so it's now officially ticket-city for teens...even if you're using hands-free wireless. (DMV details here )

This amusing anecdote from Governor Schwarzenegger himself quoted by BlogHer's Jody DeVere, President of the automotive advice blog and site for women called, (complete with CarBlabber social media reviews): "I told my daughters: 'I give you the car. I give you the cellphone, but if I see you one time using both at the same time, both of them are gone.' " Schwarzenegger added, " 'The car will be gone for a long time and the phone will be gone for a long time. You go to school with the bus.' They know that."

Jody also did a great little BlueTooth review round-up   if you're still in last minute-mode on the hands-free cell scene, and she offered a video clip about a teen being told to get off the cellphone by his driving instructors just for grins. Read the complete safety article at 

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