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Published Feb 1st 2008, 4:31am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
AskPatty at Divine Caroline -- "2008 Energy Bill - Much Ado About Efficiency"
The 2008 Energy Bill is currently being discussed could determine our country's energy and vehicle efficiency for years, if not decades to come. Comparing the list below to the 2005 bill shows how much the U.S. political worldview has changed on the subject. Back in 2005, the Republican Senate sought to increase domestic oil production through subsidies and other incentives. This year, the Democratic Senate list reads like the world post-Inconvenient Truth. Hooray to Al Gore for making the climate change debate, and hence energy efficiency necessary.
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AskPatty at AlternateSideParkingLot -- "Grant Unto Us ..."
In celebration of the first anniversary of the Alternate Side Parking Reader, they have added to their list of preferred links.

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AskPatty at Car Concerns: "Detroit Green Happy Talk"
Green, Green is Green They Say in Detroit during NAIAS:
My week started out at the GM OnStar Radio Station with a rather heated debate on live radio with Cliff Banks of Wards Dealer Business, host Harry Douglas of Car Concerns, Peter Oppewall of, a very informative site about alternatives in transportation, and myself about whether car buyers really want green cars or are we being forced into greener more eco-friendly choices by our government, 35 MPH cafe standards and auto makers or do car buyers really care more about fuel economy, less dependence on petroleum based fuels or protecting the environment, how about you??? Almost every manufacture here in Detroit during NAIAS is introducing or chattering about their fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles announced and/or coming soon during this show.

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AskPatty at - "Mechanics: a tale of two Cities"
Last Thursday, as I was driving to work, I noticed that when I stepped on my brake, the Parking brake light also came on. WTF? I took it to a local Repair shop for a look & the guy said that one of my rear brake cylinders was leaking,and I needed to replace it, the pads & drum. He didn't open the other drum (stuck) I asked him the cost of fixing the problem. Without batting an eyelash, he said: $750. I told him" thank you very much, but please close it back up as I have a mechanic friend who owes me a favor."

BTW: Ladies, I Know that mechanics don't treat you the same as Men and many of you are unhappy. Check out Ask Patty
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AskPatty at - "Overview of Upcoming NADA Convention"
The streets of San Francisco will soon will be filled with some 25,000 people attending the 91st National Automobile Dealers Association Convention and Expo.

The annual event will be held at the Moscone Center, where more than 600 exhibitors will span five halls and 750,000 square feet to display the latest in technology designed to improve dealership business. Nearly 40 workshops are planned to better equip dealers in five different aspects of their business: strategic business management and succession planning; business development and finding and keeping customers; vehicle sales through performance and profitability; fixed operations and the advantages of unity; and human resource management and development.

With new-car sales projected to fall below 16 million units for the first time this decade, dealerships will be looking to lean more heavily on the used-car operation to boost profitability. Used-car sales will be the focus of several workshop sessions. These will include:

--"How to Effectively Capture the Sub-Prime Market," presented by Mike Chumney, of Chumney and Associates, and Peter Martin, of
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Askpatty at "2007 Honda Element Wins First-Ever DogCar of the Year Award"
With market research showing that more households have pets than have children, the folks who designed know they're not alone in considering the needs of their dogs when shopping for a car. Created by "Good Morning America" veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker and his writing partner, the syndicated columnist, book author, and blogger Gina Spadafori, the pair decided to start reviewing dog-friendly vehicles and pet products designed for traveling.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008
Askpatty at "Women in Motorsports Blog Carnival Jan. 17th"
Erin Erin Crocker will run at least two races in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series in the Morgan-Dollar Motorsports Chevy, the season-opener at Daytona and California the following week.

Crocker ran all 25 races in 2006 for Evernham Motorsports, recording best finishes of 16th at Kansas and Phoenix.
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Askpatty at "Mean Mom Sells Son's Car When She Finds Alcohol"
A Des Moines mom calls herself the "meanest mom on the planet." When Jane Hambleton found alcohol in her son's car -- breaking one of two rules set when she bought the car -- she decided to sell the car. So she put an ad in the paper. But not only did she put an ad in the paper, she told every reader of The Des Moines Register exactly what her son did.
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January 20, 2008
AskPatty at "Where Can a Hip Chick Go for Automotive Advice? Ask Patty!"
What's a girl to do when she has a serious question about her car? Well there's a great web site just for us chicks that are totally clueless about cars, it's called Ask Patty.

You can ask Patty just about anything related to the automotive industry; you can get advice on car purchases, financing, maintenance, and other automotive related topics. "Patty" also made new car buying easier for us girls. Shop for your new car at Patty's network of certified chick-friendly car dealerships throughout the United States. Another smart, savvy woman entrepreneur building a business while helping the girlfriends out!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
AskPatty at " Launches Virtual Interactive Certified Female Friendly Training Platform for Car Dealerships"
The Certified Female Friendly Training Program is the most advanced interactive virtual online training on "How to Sell to Women" available in the industry., Inc. announced the launch of their all new Certified Female Friendly Interactive Training Center for automotive retailers to effectively deliver interactive online training on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women.

The new virtual training was developed to provide the dealership with a more cost effective solution to train the entire dealership staff. The new platform provides an opportunity for the dealership to train a larger percentage of the staff which has proven to be an advantage for dealership for both sales and service.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
AskPatty at Needful Toyz: "A great organization providing a wonderful service!!!
Hello to everyone out there in cyber. As you can see the logo to
the right of these words, i am really impressed by this site. I was a mechanic for years while i was going to college and i remember very definitley how some guys i worked with and even some shop owners would treat women customers. I personally never agreed with it and in some cases i even had been fired for standing up for my beliefs, i was ok with that. You know the saying, "i was looking for a job when i found this one."

This site was brought to my attention this morning by our CEO as he was impressed by the article i linked here about vehicle backing up safety and kids.

We talk on here and write about new gizmos and products for cars trucks and suv's but there is nothing more important than the safety of a child.
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January 25, 2008
Peter Martin of AskPatty at Digital Dealer: "Change is coming"
Consumer research shows that women are often brand loyal as long as they're treated well and get a good value. They're even more likely to shop for a particular brand if their online research and word-of-mouth validates that choice. However, you must understand that just because she leans toward a brand, it won't stop her from switching to another brand because of a negative shopping experience or simply because a specific dealership made her feel uncomfortable.
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January 26, 2008
AskPatty at "Teens Driving and Twitchy Eye Syndrome" by Catherine Morgan
I've known this day was coming since the first day I held my son in my arms. The day he would start driving. I don't know about other mothers, but this is sending me right to the edge of sanity. Since the first day (three weeks ago), I have had a constant twitch in my left eye. I don't think it is a coincidence...I think it's most likely an outward physical manifestation of my subconscious fears and anxieties over my son driving. I just made all that up, but you know what I mean, right? It's what the doctor will put on my chart, just before they take me away in a straight jacket.

So, this post is my quest to try and find out how other moms cope with the stress of having a teen driver. It's 2am here in crazy land, and both my kids are sleeping...I sure hope there are some moms out there blogging about this, I'd like to go to bed by 3am.
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January 31, 2008
AskPatty at Amy's Garage: "Riding a Segway Personal Transporter"
While at a Women's Car Care Council board meeting in Orlando last week I had the opportunity to go to the Epcot Amusement Part and ride a Segway!

In case you don't know what a Segway is; it's that really cool 2 wheeled device that you drive around standing up on. You have probably seen it on TV with police patrolling the streets of a warm climate city.

Now that I have had a taste of this sweet ride, I want more!!!! I went online to and found a list of all the dealers across the US. There is one in San Francisco and I will be there next week working for www.askpatty at the NADA (National Auto Dealers Association) Convention. They have special tours of the city via Segways. I am totally going to do this! I want to take the Golden Gate Park tour. For only $90 you get to drive a Segway for 2.5 hours viewing hidden glades and ponds, redwood groves, flowers, and monuments all the way to the top of Strawberry Hill at Stow Lake.

I will let you know how it goes!!!
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AskPatty at Hybrid "EV Radio Interviews Including Hybrids at Detroit Auto Show"
I was recently interviewed a number of times on the radio show
"Car Concerns With Harry Douglas" at the Detroit Auto show talking about electric and hybrid cars. Here are the edited interviews , (no commercials) including a discussion of hybrids with automotive industry analysts Cliff Banks and Jodie De Vere.

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