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AskPatty in the News, December 2009

Published Dec 31st 2009, 11:40pm by Jody DeVere in Articles Pressroom

December 3, 2009
Certified Female Friendly Auto Repair Schoen Place Auto in Democrat and "East Rochester's Schoen Place Auto works to gain trust of women"
The common stereotype alleges that when a woman walks into an auto repair shop, the mechanic's eyes light up, spin like slot machine reels, and land on big green dollar signs.

Jerry Elman purchased Schoen Place Auto in 2007 and was determined to separate himself from that depiction. Instead, he'd treat every woman who walked through his doors the same way that he treated his male customers.

But when he took a series of training courses from online consumer advocate sites and, he learned that identical treatment wasn't necessarily what many women wanted.

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December 4, 2009
AskPatty quoted in Detroit Free Press regarding the historic promotion of Susan Docherty to General Motors Vice President
The promotion of Susan Docherty to General Motors' top U.S. sales position last week marks the first time a woman has held that position in the automaker's 101-year history, according to the company.
"I had no vision at that point that I was going to enter the auto industry" as a career "but thought that with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler all producing vehicles in that city, that it would be important for me to understand the industry," she told an automotive Web site -- -- aimed at women in 2007.

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December 7, 2009
Certified Female Friendly Shoen Place Auto in The News!
Jerry Elman, owner of Schoen Place Auto, of New York,  has been in the news lately for his female-friendly efforts. Jerry says he sees "our role as similar to that of a family physician because we have to trust both to tell us what's wrong 'under the hood' and to fix it. We invest the same amount of time, caring and effort into our relationships with customers as a doctor would with a patient." "Doctor" Jerry has been interviewed on several local television news broadcasts.

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Jody DeVere Featured in Car Safety article at Eliza Magazine
When it comes to cars, most women are helpless. Don't you wish you had a go-to person with all the answers? Now there is a website wthat you can turn to for everything you ever wanted to know ab out cars. has an army of women whose job it is to be automotive know-it-alls.
The winter season brings rain, snow, slush, and ice. We asked Jody DeVere, CEO of AskPatty, to share with us what we should be doing to stay safe this winter....

The clip is not yet available online for the Winter 2009 edition, but you can download a pdf here. Watch for the digital issue to appear at Eliza Magazine soon.

December 11, 2009
Jody DeVere guest blogs at "7 Tips for Holiday Travel"
Arrive safely and on time--thanks to these pointers. Getting to and from your holiday road trip destination can be a special time filled with memories that last a lifetime or turn into a road trip disaster. Here are seven tips to help you plan, prepare, save money and keep the entire family happy and safe on the road this holiday season.

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Certified Female Friendly Community Tire featured at "Marketing in Phoenix: What Message Does Your Brand Send?"
To the degree it is recognized, your brand sends a message to your prospects.... Let's take the case of Community Tire, a 7-outlet tire and auto service company with centers mostly in the metro Phoenix area, headed by my friend Howard Fleischmann and his partners. Howard is a "hustler," of the highest stripe, seeing to it that the Community brand message is spread in myriad ways. His latest initiative is transforming his locations into "certified female friendly" places, seeing to it that they create "an inviting and comfortable environment where women feel welcome."

Howard and wife Patricia, who was the evident inspiration for the program, sensed a need to change women's outlook on the perceived image of repair shops, and have done something constructive to change it. And, perhaps equally important, they are making sure their market area knows about it. The energetic Howard (can you say, driven) is proving once again through the firm's Ask Patty certified service centers and many other ideas that the difference between advertising and marketing is this: Advertising is selling what you have, and marketing is having what will sell.

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December 15, 2009's "Five Great Automotive Holiday Gifts for Him" highlighted at Blogher: "Geek Lover's Gadget Gift Guide"
Money is tight. Maybe you can't afford to give that new iMac your techie is longing for. But there are still many gadgets and services that the tech loving geek in your life will love. Take a look at Ask Patty's Five Great Automotive Holiday Gifts for Him because I haven't even mentioned tech gadgets for the car.

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December 28th, 2009
Jody DeVere at "Protect Your Car, Keep It Clean"
Owning a car is a big responsibility that involves regular upkeep in the form of maintenance and repairs. You also want to keep your vehicle looking good, so it will have a decent resale value if you eventually sell it. contacted Jody DeVere of, an automotive advice site for women, about car washing tips to help you protect your car and keep it clean:

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December, 2009
AskPatty featured Auto Expert at Buttoned Up Expert:
Buttoned Up Expert: Winter Driving Safety Tips

Buttoned Up Expert: Is your Car Ready for a Holiday Road Trip?
Buttoned Up Expert: Century Council Reminds - Don't Drink & Drive During the Holiday Season

Jody DeVere at "Working with Upset Women Customers"
Jody DeVere, CEO of, tells us how complaints and criticism from women are gifts - she's telling you that she wants to work with you.  Slow down and listen.  When she knows you hear and understand her, she'll be ready to hear how you want to make things right. This video series is brought to you by AutoNetTV's Pro Channel.

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