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AskPatty Enews for Women: June 2011

Published Jun 15th 2011, 4:00pm by Jody DeVere in Articles Pressroom
Monthly eNewsletter :: June 2011
"Come in, she said, I'll give you shelter from the storm"

Well, we've been through some intense weather situations in the Ask Patty Nation this Spring, and our thoughts are with those affected by the devastation of the southern tornadoes and storms. Hopefully those ill-named "April showers" are past us because we're all most certainly due for some May flowers as we prepare for summer. In May's AskPatty CFF Carnival, we see a plethora of impressive updates and a wide range of awards and accolades, unique events, and a couple of relocations to satisfy growing business needs - all great things in the AskPatty Nation!

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Ralph Lauren, Cars, Fashion, and a Real Automotive Woman Pioneer

Ralph Lauren is an American icon, indisputably. The most recognizable US fashion designer has a passion beyond the runway, though, and that's his cars. He has a fabled collection of classic, rare, and exotic automobiles that is the envy of many an aficionado, and some gems from his auto collection are currently on display in Paris at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which has 17 of the designer’s classic vehicles on display through Aug. 28.

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Car Business Language & Lingo - Part I

Now the car business is very unique when it comes to having its own language. I remember when I first got in the retail side of the business back in the mid 80′s, and I thought everyone was speaking a different language in the car dealership I was working in. Being that I was a young strapping 28 year old, and very wet behind the ears. I was about as green as they get at that time in my life.

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Car Business Language & Lingo Part II

I was standing in the showroom one day and my buddy Scott was standing outside when a car pulled up. I was thinking…”That looks like my “Be Back” from last week.” After they got out of the car, I could plainly see it wasn’t my “Be Back.” Holy Shit! That’s a “Fresh Up” I said to myself as the customer looked like a stone cold buyer. I was right on the money. Scott had a “Lay Down” and when the customer left they were totally “Laid Away.”

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Car Business Language & Lingo-Part III

The next term thrown around in a car dealership might lead you to believe that maybe someone is going on a cruise. Or perhaps maybe they are going water skiing. You might even think that maybe there was some kind of a boat party out on the water. This is more of an old school term as I don’t hear it too much in todays market. The term refers to someone paying full list price for a vehicle. Now you might think that’s a “Lay Down” which it is, but there are several terms that have more than one meaning. Let’s just say a “Lay Down” has a couple of synonyms with the first being…

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Car Business Language & Lingo-Part IV

So you’re looking for a new or used vehicle, and you have a vehicle that your trading in. The problem is, you know that you’re “Upside Down” in your trade. You are well aware that you have negative equity of say $5,000 (at least that’s what you think it is), but no problem… You’re gonna trade anyway.

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The Finance Department's Language & Lingo

When it comes to Car Business Language & Lingo terms and jargon, the finance manager and sales managers have a couple of terms that they like to throw around. Sure, they use all the other terms that we already talked about, but they have a couple of terms that are more directly related to the specifics of working a deal. The first term is called…

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  • September 2011 - Cal Lutheran University Social Media Panel Leadership Series Speaker - Reagan Library
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