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Ask Patty Pressroom Week of 7/31

Published Jan 1st 2007, 12:00pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Happy Tail Travels: Make Sure Auto Safety is a Priority When Traveling with Your Pet
By Breanne Boyle
on TangoDiva

You've probably seen a lot of the products offered to restrain your pet in your car, but which is best for you? What types protect well and for that matter, why do I need to use them (especially if you don't have a hyperactive herding dog)? Just like a child, your beloved family pet needs to be protected while traveling. It's only fair.

Let’s Play Jeopardy!
by DealerFire

The category is "Auto sales in the U.S." for a huge increase in monthly sales volume.
Answer: Women

Well Chuck that would be, "Who influences 80% of all vehicle purchases in the U.S.?"
Correct! We would have also accepted:

  • Who buys 50% of all new and used vehicles in the U.S.?
  • Who buys 40% of trucks in the U.S.?

Unfortunately for auto dealers they tend to have a bad reputation in most female buyers. Deserved or not it is there and the dealer who ignore it loses sales. The dealer who changes that perception will sell more vehicles.

Askpattylogotm1_2 There is a solution though for both the dealer and female buyers, the solution is offers women advice car purchasing, maintenance and the whole range of automotive issues. does this through the use of their website, blogs, podcasts and partnerships with organizations such as and ASE Certified. The even recently open a venue in the online virtual world Second Life putting them along side other Second Life pioneers like Scion, Pontiac and several Presidential candidates. NOTE: To view's Second Life venue you will need to download the Second Life software. You can view a YouTube video and pictures of their spot in Second Life though without it.

Ask Patty Added to Links on Kia Motors' Kia Buzz Test

Blogher, Business, Blogging and Second Life

When I first joined BlogHer I thought “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to a Blogher conference!” Chicago is a long way from Australia for a 3 day conference. So imagine my delight when I discovered I could attend this in Second Life(SL).

This meant becoming a member of Second Life. It also meant becoming part of a virtual world. This is not just sign in and log on and all will be okay.

Borcherding to Partner with

In a latest survey conducted to Borcherding’s customers, it was found out that the major reason for doing business with Borcherding was the fact they were trustworthy and that their depicted appeal for service was of high standard. It claims that is it a safe online place to share and discuss their car buying experiences.

Also selling GMC spark plug wire, Borcherding Buick Pontiac GMC is accessibly located in the Kings Auto Mall off Interstate 71. Family owned and operated since 1970, Borcherding Buick Pontiac GMC, will partner with Ask Patty to depict an increased commitment to the female car buyers that would provide a safe and comfortable buying experience.

Ask Patty gives women consumers the avenue where they can send queries about car buying, selling, repair and maintenance to a panel of expert automotive women. Furthermore, they have an on-site collision center with Enterprise replacement cars, too. With these findings, it can be deduced further that Borcherding lives up to their promises.

BlogHer 07: Day 3

BlogHer is coming to a close and although I'm sad to see it end, I'm exhausted. Today was an amazing day! I wrote a scathing post last night filled with frustration, anger, and typos. But today, Saturday,was much better. First let me say again that this conference is filled with really amazing women such as Jenn, Valencia, Siel, Liza, and Britt.

The first session involved dynamic bloggers, Arieanna Schweber, Jody DeVere, Paula Neal Mooney, Stefania Pomponi Butler and teen professional blogger Chloe Spencer discussing ways to raise money using your blog. They discussed using ads and link exchanging as a few methods. Along with sharing how they attracted traffic , they gave some good tips such as using a hyphen for images because search engines like Google refer to them as a space. Go figure.


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