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Ask Patty Press Week of August 20th

Published Aug 21st 2007, 1:13am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Upcoming Second Life Discussions: Doing Business And Using Voice
Posted by Mitch Wagner, Aug 20, 2007 01:11 AM

Pontiac is another company that's developed an area that's one of the most popular in Second Life.The agency that developed it, Campfire, solicited input from car enthusiasts already in Second Life before building Motorati.

Rather than using Motorati as a platform to try to force-feed users a marketing message, Wildfire gave away server space -- known in Second Life jargon as "land" -- on Motorati to people with plans to use the land for attractive, automotive-oriented sites and activities. That way, Pontiac brought in partners who built a bumper-car area, a nightclub with a parking-lot theme, and an area for, for women car enthusiasts.

Second Life marketing is different from traditional media and the Web, said Michael Monello, a partners at Campfire. In traditional media and the Web, agencies talk about "pushing messages" out to the audience, he said. "But Second Life really is a new mindset. It's very community focused. You have to go in and say, 'What can we add to the community?"

CF002 - Jody DeVere, AskPatty

Welcome to Episode Two of The Customer First Podcast, from Voices in Business.

On today’s show, Greg Grimer speaks with Jody DeVere, President of

What happens when an entire industry gets customer service wrong for half of its customers? They create an opportunity for another business to come along and provide that customer service. Ask is just such an innovative business, guiding women who are making as well as influencing decisions on car purchase, car financing and car maintenance.

Social Media Builds both Business and Personal Relationships

I also met Breanne Boyle who works for, an incredible blog written by women automotive experts who give automotive advice to women.


Winter Driving Tips - Yes It Is Still Summer
...I won't discuss my past experiences. When thinking about this coming winter, we will likely see some big storms come thru, I"m now thinking about snow tires. There is plenty of innovation going on in the tire business. Just check out Bridgestone Blizzaks or the Nokian Line of tires. But sometimes it is even more important to understand how to drive in winter conditions. Breanne Boyle, posted a great article on with some great tips for winter driving. You should definitely check them out if you live and drive in a snow zone. Great stuff.


Kicking off Summer Sojourn Virtual Book Tour in Style!

I am off to chat with Jody DeVere, President of, who shares her passion for cars by providing automotive advice to women - a much needed service. Unfortunately, she also has experienced the devastating impact cars can have when her son was paralyzed in a tragic car accident two years ago. It was on this level of making the most of the skills and talents that we do have that Jody and I connected. Join us for the interview.



Five Rules For Bringing Your Real-Life Business Into Second Life

If you're thinking about establishing yourself in Second Life -- or are wondering whether you should -- we've got five rules that will help your new venture be a success.


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