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Ask Patty Launches Automotive Advice for Women in Second Life

Published May 2nd 2007, 4:03pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Press Releases

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) May 2, 2007 -- Ask Patty has launched a Second Life venue on Pontiac's Motorati Island. Ask Patty's new venue is a safe place in Second Life for women to go to ask advice about car buying, selling, service, car care and repair. In the Ask Patty "Female Friendly" venue you can sit down and grab a cup of espresso and treat yourself to warm, freshly baked cookies, while watching Patty on our flat panel TV.

Visit us now:

Pontiac's Motorati Island includes 96 acres of shops, car dealers, hangouts, restaurants, racetracks, and road-side attractions dedicated to automotive enthusiasts in Second Life. Second Life is an online virtual world populated by hundred's of thousands of users/avatars from all over the world.

Come visit AskPatty ( on Motorati Island and experience these great features:

- Get advice from our panel of auto expert women
- Read our automotive FAQs
- Enter our $50,000 Automotive Shopping Spree
- Get automatic service reminders with MyCarPage
- Search for your Dream Car!
- Get a free Ask Patty shirt and pin
- Learn about child seat safety at our child safety kiosk
- Let the Second Life kiddies play in our play area!

Make sure you join us for our mega-huge launch party! Ask Patty is hosting a launch party on Pontiac's Motorati Island on May 11th from 4pm to 7pm PST. We will have entertainment and cappuccinos and freshly baked cookies.

Meet us there:

About Second Life:
Second Life is an online virtual world populated by hundred's of thousands of users from all over the world. Once you enter you'll discover countless ways to make your mark and interact with others. There's entertainment, both bawdy and sublime, games to fit any taste and limitless ways to spend your time.

Like the real world, Second Life has an economy that's created by its users and based on Linden dollars. The content you create is your property and you're free to sell it to others. Millions of Linden dollars trade hands every month and they can all be exchanged for real money.
The world is filled with creations both large and small, built by users just like you. A short walk reveals homes, retail spaces, gigantic artworks, and shapes that defy the laws of gravity and logic. With limitless space and imagination, the sky is no longer the limit!

One of the best points about Second Life is the diversity of the population. People come from all over the world and their differing interests is evident from the types of things they build right on down to the way they look. With such a large group of folks it's a certainty that you'll find people who dig the same stuff you do. You'll be making new friends in no time!

About Motorati Island:
Pontiac has claimed 96 acres as our own and designed the most realistic car ever developed for this world, the Pontiac Solstice GXP. We know you'll dig it but that's not the whole enchilada, just a tasty side dish. But Motorati isn't just about the GXP. We also have weekly events and concerts. And with Land-A-Palooza, there's no limit to what you'll be able to find on the island.

About, Inc.:
Ask Patty provides women consumers an opportunity to send questions about car buying, selling, repair and maintenance to a panel of expert automotive women and is a safe online place to share and discuss their car buying experiences. Women can submit posts directly to the Ask Patty website by going to The Ask Patty advisory panel of automotive expert women is headed up by Deborah Renshaw -- professional NASCAR driver, and is comprised of women who hold various leadership positions in the automotive industry.
Women purchase over 50 percent of all vehicles sold in the United States each year and influence 85 percent of the buying decisions, spending over $80 billion. Yet, shopping for and buying a car can be a challenge for women who are first time car buyers or for women who had a bad experience in the past with a car salesman or dealership. is a member and 2006 corporate sponsor of the Women's Automotive Association International based in Detroit, MI, on the Women's Board of the Car Care Council, a SEMA member and a member of the SEMA Business Women's Networking Group.

Ask Patty Certified Dealer Program:
Properly armed with the right tools and training your dealerships can increase its share of the largest and fastest growing demographic of new vehicle buyers in the US -- Women Consumers. The Ask Patty Certified Dealer program was designed specifically for car dealerships to attract, sell, retain and keep loyal women consumers.

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