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Published Oct 24th 2006, 11:56pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles


The Ask Patty is a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics.

Women purchase half of the vehicles sold in the United States each year, spending over $80 billion. Yet, shopping for and buying a car can be a challenge for women who are first time car buyers or for women who had a bad experience in the past with a car salesman or dealership.

Women can ask Patty for automotive advice when they go to and click on the "Get Advice" link. Questions can be submitted to Ask Patty via email or an an interactive blog. Patty will typically reply back to the consumer the same day. Selected questions and answers will be posted on an interactive blog, paneled by automotive women experts for the benefit of all consumer women.

Ask Patty Certified Dealer Program:
Properly armed with the right tools and training your dealerships can increase its share of the largest and fastest growing demographic of new vehicle buyers in the US -- Women Consumers. The Ask Patty Certified Dealer program was designed specifically for car dealerships to attract, sell, retain and keep loyal women consumers.

What Is An Ask Patty Certified Dealer?
An Ask Patty certified dealer is a dealer that creates a safe and comfortable environment where women feel welcome and a dealer that makes the experience of purchasing and maintaining her vehicle a pleasant one.

Ask Patty trained and certified dealers are held to a high level of customer satisfaction for women consumers.

Attention Ladies - Need Car Advice?

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I just wanted to say HI! I'm from Dorian Ford and we are just getting certified with ASK PATTY! I put a link from our Squidoo site to the askpatty site! Just thought I'd let you know...Steve Rajnert, Dorian Ford.

Posted October 13, 2006


Steve - I will be visiting you in Detroit this week.Ladies be sure to cpurplelickheck out Dorian Ford a new female friendly Ford Dealership in the Detroit Metro Area!

Posted October 24, 2006


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