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Ask Patty Interviews Christina Conway of Xebra Electric Cars

Published Jan 30th 2007, 4:41pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Xebra_home We love alternative fuel vehicles at Ask Patty. We also love to see small companies succeed, especially when women are at the helm! So then the company is a little company Little Radio run by Christina Conway, and the product is an incredibly efficient and adorable electric vehicle, we practically fell off our chair with glee!

ASK PATTY: Can you tell us what a
Christina: The Xebra is a 3-wheeled vehicle manufactured in China by Zap, that is the only production line electric vehicle available, capable of up to 40 miles per hour. Xebras cost $9,600 for the sedan and $9,900 for the truck.

ASK PATTY: Is it difficult to recharge a XEBRA car?
Christina:Not at all! Xebras can be charged from any outlet in your home (110V). You get 75% of your charge back in 2-3 hours and a full charge from empty in 7-8 hours. The Lithium Ion upgrade will be avail soon allowing for much faster charge times.

ASK PATTY: How long can you run on one charge?
Christina:With the standard batteries you can get up to 35 miles on a single charge. With the Lithium-Ion upgrade you can go as far as 80-100 miles per charge.

Where can we get a XEBRA and what will it cost us?
Christina:We have 2 locations in Los Angeles, downtown and Venice Beach. We can also ship anywhere in the US. Addresses and contact info are available on our

ASK PATTY: What else can we expect from Little Radio and XEBRA cars in the future? Any other models or new capabilities?
Christina:Little Radio EV is looking to carry 100% electric vehicles from all over the world. New models to be announced in 2007.

Xebra_small_3ASK PATTY:
Are you marketing these vehicles to women and how are you doing that?
Christina:We are, by promoting our vehicles at local farmers' markets and open air shopping areas, and just by having me on the lot talking to customers.
These cars are very appealing to women who not only appreciate the affordability and stylish design, but also want to make an impact on global warming.

What made you get involved with electric vehicles?
Christina:We were looking to take Little Radio, our media company, in a socially and environmentally conscious direction that could effect real change.

What was the last car you bought and why did you choose that particular vehicle?
Christina:A Xebra sedan. To show the town what a Xebra was, and to know what the reality of driving one of the cars we're selling is.

Check out
Little Radio for tons of info and pricing and specification info on these great cars!

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