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Ask Patty Interviews Charly M3 Foden of Second Life's Racer's Island

Published Jul 25th 2007, 2:17am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Recet_003 Ask Patty has told you all about our place in Second Life… but we have only featured a few of the amazing people (avatars) we have met in world. Today we want to showcase Racers Island and the guy who runs it, CharlyM3 Foden. Patty Streeter (that’s Patty in Second Life!) interviewed Charly recently.

Patty Streeter: Why did you build Racer’s Island?
CharlyM3 Foden: Racer’s Island was a place that was built out of a dream and out of love. It’s a place for real life (RL) and Second Life (SL) racers to come and share. I am bringing SL racers and RL racers together in just one place. You might not even know that a professional race car driver could be right next to you in SL.

Patty Streeter: What made you launch something like this in SL?
CharlyM3 Foden: I am not here for the money. I handle that part in RL! I am here for what I believe in and to support racers.

Patty Streeter: Are you an RL racer?
CharlyM3 Foden: Yes I am. That’s why the tracks were built the way they were. I do both street and autocross.

Recet_002Patty Streeter: They are very realistic. Are you bringing autocross to SL?
CharlyM3 Foden: I want to bring it to SL, yes. I am already hitting RL forums to get support. People are loving it so far!

Patty Streeter: Ask Patty is currently sponsoring NASCAR driver Deborah Renshaw, the highest ranked female professional racecar driver.
CharlyM3 Foden: That is awesome. She should come into SL. I can be her host. We’d love to have her on Racer’s Island. Racers like her are inspirational to those of us at Racer’s Island.

Patty Streeter: Do you have a pretty good following at Racer’s Island?
CharlyM3 Foden: I have a lot of people who are loyal friends to the sim and come by often. They are really what runs this sim, not me. They ARE the sim.

Recet_001Patty Streeter: I love the design of your club too! So tell me about the women that race here.
CharlyM3 Foden: Well the guys accept this, but the women kick butt on the track big time! I see more women racing on a more consistent basis than men, and that means most of the women are more prepared than the men.

Patty Streeter: Why do think that is?
CharlyM3 Foden: I don’t want to brag, but I think that is partly due to my support and guidance. I think women will always be top racers and so I show them how to be the best they can be. Men are followers.

Patty Streeter: Your racers were very inclusive of me and I raced terrible on your tracks yesterday!
CharlyM3 Foden: Putting aside men or women as genders… If you are a racer, you are accepted here. That’s it. I don’t care about anything else.

Patty Streeter: It should be that way in RL!
CharlyM3 Foden: Funny you should mention that. In my RL club a women is our leader and we love her so much… we all call her “goddess” because she is. It’s based on skill rather than gender. Like I said before, if you can race and want to race, then I support you. Women are just usually more dedicated than men so I jump up and down in support of them.

Patty Streeter: What if I am a huge noob and don’t’ know how to play?
CharlyM3 Foden: I help all people at Racer’s Island. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. I will help you with money and how to race and get a car.

Patty Streeter: Okay give us a tip for racing and how to avoid lag time and track rezzing issues.
CharlyM3 Foden: Okay here’s my tip – Go into your Edit Preferences and see your Graphics tab? Make your draw distance 250 at least. That way it won’t cut out parts of the track while you’re racing. But remember to change it back after you race or you will experience horrible lag!

Patty Streeter: Thank you Charly! We are so glad to have interviewed you and definitely keep supporting those women racers!

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