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Ask Patty Gift Garage: Week Four

Published Dec 7th 2006, 5:37pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Askpattylogochristmas_4 We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogs for this regularly scheduled Gift Garage! We have rounded up some even cuter (yes, yes, it’s possible) gifts that are all car and truck related! Who would have thought there were so many great automotive gifts! It’s proof positive that women are again ruling the world, one car and truck at a time.

Roadsafe_det_1 Starting us off is this great looking and wonderfully functional roadside safety kit with club membership from Barbara K. The kit includes a flashlight that operates as both lantern and flashlight, jumper cables, tire gauge, gloves, poncho, ice scraper, S.O.S. banner, light sticks, and a How-To guidebook.  It also includes a Barbara K roadside safety club membership with a 15-mile guaranteed no cost towing benefit and free services that include lockout assistance, jumpstarts, tire changes, fuel delivery, and accident towing assistance. If that weren’t enough, the membership also gives hotel and travel discounts!

Pink_car The American Retro Sad Face Pedal Car  is now in pink! (Incidentally, it’s called a “Sad face” because of the design of the front of the car—doesn’t it look like a frown?) The car is all pink and white and chrome and waiting for a princess to pedal off in her. Just like the originals, this pedal car is made of heavy gauge steel and is ready for hours of play. How cute would that look under the tree?! So cute.

P_roadside_lg2Besides having a roadside kit with all the safety essentials like flashlights and flares, what’s a girl to do if she is stranded in her car waiting for assistance? Pop open your Safety Girl Kit. Besides some standard-issue safety gear, it includes a professional nail file, Ghirardelli chocolate, Zox breath freshener, balm of Gilead lip moisturizer and aromatherapy headache remedy, Oxiclean® instant spot remover wipe, Dove anti-perspirant, Wet Ones cleansing wipes, Sight Savers® eyeglass lens cleaning tissue, 2 Dittie tampons, and an emergency sewing repair kit. Forget the accident, I think this kit could come in handy everyday!

Organizeeverything1_1922_178934504 Traveling with kids always brings with it some chaos and scrambled planning of in-car games for entertainment. Well forget the mess of toys in the backseat or the arguing over who’s side something sits. Put an end to backseat chaos with the backseat organizer! Store toys, snacks and games in one convenient organizer so kids can reach what they want without your help. It's a toy box, a snack bar and with a quick flip, the top converts to a game table.

Bobblehead_1 Looking for that in-car entertainment? Ah, who needs a DVD player, when you can watch a bobble head doll? Of course, it’s much more fun if it is a devil bobble head in a hula skirt! has an array of different dancing dolls to choose from but we like the fiendish red guy with horns.

Calendar If you are looking for a gift that will last all year, try a calendar. But don’t just buy one off a cart in the mall with kittens in baskets all over it. Try something a little more cheeky and environmentally friendly… not to mention educational.  This calendar is of the women of biodiesel! Go ladies! Rock that cooking-oil-turned-fuel!

Caricature_1 We have another caricature option for you. This one is adorable. Look at that little girl’s face in the car! You send in your photo to myDaVinci and they create a caricature of you and even send you a proof so you can see it before you settle on it. They will make modifications for free for you and then send you the final one! Make a fun ornament out of it or a neat holiday craft!

Stay tuned next week where we will have even more gifts, and even some more for the family pet!

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