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Ask Patty Gift Garage: Week Five

Published Dec 14th 2006, 4:47pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Askpattylogochristmas_5 The countdown is officially on ladies! How many days left? 10 days to be exact… or 11 if you want to squeeze in today. And I even counted Christmas Eve! Don’t stress out because Patty is here to whisper some even more great gift ideas into your little elf ears! It seems the car-related gifts are never ending!

Safety071 It seems like everyday we are hearing about roadside hazards and horror stories about people who were stranded or taken advantage of… that doesn’t have to be you! This roadside safety bag is a practical and chic tote filled with high quality accessories that can be used in a roadside emergency. It includes a Send Help sign for window, trunk bungee cord, change holder, flashlight, funnel, tire pressure gauge, rain poncho, work Gloves, jumper cables, aluminum blanket, mints, and a first aid kit. It is all tucked stylishly into a sophisticated little tote.

Escapetool You’ve probably seen those life hammers for sale. You know, the ones that can shatter a car window? They say that car windows are so tough to break that you truly need something like this in your vehicle in case of an accident or emergency and you need to exit your vehicle. I suppose a crowbar might work as well, but who even owns one of those? This mini life hammer is easily tucked into a car door pocket or glove compartment of even the smallest cars. If the hammer part wasn’t enough, it also has a blade to cut through seatbelts.

Mustard_vintageclosed_1 What do you get the traveling tot for the holidays? How about some very grown-up looking vintage hand-stamped luggage? Celebrity Baby Blog is showcasing this mini suitcase for kids and we just love it! It even comes with a key to lock it up. Think of all the treasures the kiddies can put in there!

Kimwhite We can’t get enough of vehicle-related purses. These bags from Kim White, as seen on Jalopnik, are fully automotive, but not in the seatbelt way. They are actually made from vintage original manufacturer car interior. Check out some of the patterns going on. These are ultra chic and very different from what others are carrying around.

Car_bra2_120506 One out of eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Some people at GM decided to create Team GM entries for the Show-Your-Support Bra Contest and designed some unique under garments. They used the front grill of their favorite car for inspiration! We think it may inspire you!

Car_mats Check out these whimsical car mats! Just because you walk all over them doesn’t mean they need to be ugly or boring! Swiss Colony offers these customizable floor mats with cute images and characters on them. You can add up to 13 characters! Yay! “Ask Patty” will fit!

Newdriverkit Surprise a new driver with this new driver kit. Inside an adorable metal lunch box includes a flashlight, dashboard diva (we’re not sure either, but it sounds cute!), keychain, car air freshener and a pink travel cup. What a great gift for under the tree for that teen driver! Now if only you could wrap up a perfect driving record with a little bow as well… Hmm.

That’s it for this week ladies! Check back next Thursday, same Patty time same Patty place, for more gift giving ideas. It will be our last installment so don’t miss it!

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