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Published Nov 14th 2006, 9:36pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Askpattylogochristmas With the holidays fast approaching ladies, we need to be considering those friends and family that need something fun for their car or truck. Now we know you would rather get a Fendi purse than a clutch and flywheel set, but I bet after you see some of these downright pretty auto products you might change your jingle bell tune. So, welcome to our first installment of the Ask Patty Girl’s Gift Garage! We will be posting cute and interesting gift ideas for the car-minded gal every Monday until the Eggnog hits us. Get out your credit cards Ladies. After all, a girl’s gotta shop!

Grantpurple Check out this purple steering wheel. A steering wheel in and of itself isn’t all that much to be excited about, but a pretty shiny purple one? That’s worth looking into. This Grant Fibertech Wheel has a high-gloss purple grip, textured fiber accents and polished aluminum spokes. It’s about 13 ½ inches in diameter so go measure your interior space and then add this to your wishlist.

Racecar What about asking for a car as a gift? Oooh, and what about a race car?! We liked this one we saw at SEMA. It’s got great colors and looks cute. Retro is always good. You might think this is aiming high but we don’t. I don’t think it’s out of the question. I mean come on, we all work hard! We deserve it! Or instead of asking for it yourself, run out and buy yourself one and get one for your girlfriend. I bet no one else will think of it! If the car is too much, maybe you can buy a replica as a gift.

Fuelvapor While we are talking about cars as gifts, why not get that gadget minded friend a car that runs on fuel vapors? It’s the next big thing in automotive technology and looks great to boot! We love the fiery orange color of the Ale Fuel Vapor Technologies car, the 3-wheel configuration (better aerodynamics equals better fuel economy) and the racy design. I can already see all the fun accessories you can get to match. It doesn’t look so kid-friendly, so better save this as a weekend car.

Zvtclutch Since I mentioned clutch and flywheel kits, I thought I would show you this great option from Zoom Tech. And guess what? It’s PURPLE! Okay you never really see it once it’s installed, but think of it this way. You know how great it feels when you wear a really nice, expensive and classy bra? No one knows you are wearing it but you do, and you feel sexier and powerful because of it. It’s like that, but for your car.

Dogcarcover And here we are with the perfect pet gift for that girl who loves her dogs and loves her car. No, stop. I don’t want you to buy anything for me. I know you’d like to, that is so sweet. These Canine Covers people can make you custom pet pads for your car as well as carrying an entire stock of already-made ones that will fit most any bucket and bench seats. The pricing is enticing as well.

Vwpatch And one last little idea as a stocking stuffer. What about a cute little car patch for your friend's favorite old jeans or a hippy style denim purse? We love this little pink VW patch made in honor of the pink Barbie Bug coming out. A full-size Barbie bug? That is a gift all on it's own! Look for it next week as well as some cute accessories that are car related but oh-not-so-grease-monkey!

Again, check back for next week's installment on Monday 20th including some cool purses and other accessories!

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