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Ask Patty Gets a Second Life

Published Apr 20th 2007, 3:37am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Sllogo_2 You heard me. As if Ask Patty didn’t have enough going on – what with our Female Friendly dealers and Dream Car search tool – she up and decided to get herself a virtual life. Ask Patty is officially active in Second Life, and we don’t mean just walking around and hanging out either. We have a full-fledged shop/store/lounge built on Pontiac’s Motorati Island and oh man, is it cool!

Secondlife_askpattySee here is how it started… Pontiac decided to do this very awesome thing where they opened up an entire island to automotive enthusiasts and allowed automotive companies to apply for land space. Well, we did, knowing full well what a great opportunity it would be. You should have seen us all doing the Ask Patty dance when we learned we’d been accepted! Thank you Pontiac and the gang at Campfire!

Our Ask Patty avatars met up with a great gal by the name of Osprey Therian who helped us create the amazing Ask Patty location. You really have to see it to believe it! We will be blogging about the development of our shop for the next few weeks but in the mean time, log in and pay us a visit! You can search for us under “Ask Patty” and find us on Pontiac’s Motorati Island. Come see us soon!

And hey, while you are at it, check out this article by Automotive News about the great automotive presence on Second Life.


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