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Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Auto World: March 13

Published Mar 13th 2007, 7:04pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Cars, women, and blogs. That's what is known for. Don't believe me? The evidence is below. We've got no shortage of any of these three important subjects.

Volvo_s80_pcc Popgadget believes the best automotive "peace of mind" innovation since the three-point seat belt is the new Personal Car Communicator on the new Volvo S80. The PCC is like having a status window for what's going on inside the car providing info and services up to 330 feet from the car. Find out more at

Toyota_hybrid_x_concept Toyota ripped the covers off its Hybrid X at the Geneva Motor Show overnight with the reveal of a concept car that proposes a new design language for hybrid models, while also acting as an innovative technology showcase for future generation hybrid cars. gives the rundown on Toyota's four-door, four-seat open-space Hybrid Synergy Drive concept.  

Ap_kids_in_carseats When blogging on carseats, and the importance of keeping our kids buckled by a five-point harness to 60 pounds and beyond, blogger Deidra says she purchased "the biggest, heaviest, most quality car seat I'd ever seen in my life.  I was sure if we had bought a second one, they would make divine living room furniture." Read more of this woman's personal journey at Lostasock.

07_subaru_outback_25xt2_z It's time for Carina to get rid of her Subaru Outback. She says it's been a great car, the fanciest she's ever owned... a real workhorse, too. Except this blogger fears the loose tranny signals it's time for this workhouse to be put out to pasture.

Kids_in_a_carseat Children age 4 to 7 in states with booster seat laws appear more likely to be appropriately restrained during car crashes than children in states without booster seat laws, according to a report at

That’s it for this week! Thank you for all of your submissions! Make sure to submit next week! Please remember to submit your article using the online form or by emailing Breanne at

Ap_car_accident Emily Lineberger missed her gymnastics class this week, but thanks to the 11-year-old's heroics, she and her mother survived what could have been a tragic car wreck. Read more about this little heroine at

Ap_woman_with_car VMR Motor Guides says "Women Call the Shots on Buying and Maintaining the Family Car" in this report that shows women are not only becoming more influential in deciding what car to buy, they are also taking over the traditionally male dominated responsibility of maintenance and repair.

Ap_alba_colon_gm_racing_program_manager When Alba Colon stepped up to introduce herself to Dale Earnhardt midway through her first day on the job, everyone in the room held their breath. Twelve years later, she is Chevrolet's Nextel Cup program manager, and the Fort Wayne Journal reports on one of the most powerful women in motor sports.

Ap_connie_rice_and_smart_car Car lovers are known to take their cars on extended road trips...Read this tale about Connie Race and her 3630-mile cross-country trip in a 2005 Smart micro car.

Ap_starbucks_logo_1 P.S. Don't miss your chance to cruise by a Starbucks on Thursday, March 15 for your free coffee.

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