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Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Auto World: January 30th

Published Jan 30th 2007, 4:14pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Welcome to the Ask Patty blog carnival. We scoured the web for the latest and greatest blog and news fodder relating to all things automotive! We have stylish car accessories and gas saving tips, as well as leasing information and some great top women int eh industry! Put the pedal to the metal!

Gasmoney Your gas mileage depends more on the way you drive than on what car you are driving. Do you ever wonder why you don’t seem to get the gas mileage that is advertised as the EPA rating for your car? Those tests are conducted under ideal conditions driven by an ideal driver. Most of us don’t realize how much our driving habits affect our mileage, and what little effort it takes to improve it significantly. Wise Bread has all the tips and tricks for gas efficiency.

Hotrods_and_girls Rachelle Jacobs is the sort of girl who doesn't mind picking up a wrench and getting her hands dirty. Then she'll clean up, put on a dress, heels, some red lipstick and pin curls in her hair, and head out with her boyfriend to watch a local band. The ladies form these hot rod clubs are in it for the cars and the opportunity to wrench on them, as much as they are for the great friends and fashion!

Leasing_lot Is leasing a car more of a viable alternative for you than buying one? For some, it is. With a lease, your monthly payment may be less than if you were buying the car outright. But industry experts are cautioning you to check the figures. Also consider what the car may be worth after a three year lease agreement is up. has done the research and has great info in their latest post.

Cars_seat The Graco company has inked a deal with Disney to feature a pattern based on Disney's hit movie, Cars. The car seat' ahs padding that is removable and machine washable, all while being covered in cute pictures from Disney’s sojourn into automotive animation! They will be sold at Toys R’ Us and Celebrity Baby blog has the scoop!

Chelsia_lau_02 Chelsia Lau, one of Ford's chief designers, was just named  the World's Outstanding Chinese Designer for 2006 by the Hong Kong Design Centre. According to Edmunds Driving Women blog, Lau who uses new trends in fashion, film and travel as inspiration to create Ford's concepts is also responsible for several key vehicles, including the Mercury MC4 and Ford Explorer SportTrac concepts.

Cars_1 The previous owners of cars that are now coveted as targets for collectors today probably didn't know that the occupier of the garage or carport would be treasured as a classic. The same may be true for you today. That family car that you rely on to shuttle you and your kids around could be tomorrow's treasure for some collector. Can you imagine that 2005 Toyota Sienna you are driving around might be considered a classic? What makes a classic? Glad you asked.

2006_ford_fusion03 CNN Autos reported that the Ford Fusion midsized car and its Mercury Milan sibling scored big in Consumer Reports' annual new car reliability survey, just beating out the industry's quality standard-bearers, the Honda Accord V6 and Toyota Camry V6. But, overall, Japanese brands are still the ones to beat. Of the 47 vehicles with the highest predicted reliability, 39 are Japanese. Of those, all but seven are made by Toyota or Honda.

122vw1 Getting women to take the plunge and buy a new car might seem like a daunting task. How does an automotive brand stand out compared to others? How can a testosterone-laden industry show its softer, feminine side? Offer the ladies a set of stylish accessories to decorate themselves and their cars, that's how. Volkswagen teamed with Lutz & Patmos and Hable Construction to create an Eos line of accessories, which of course promotes the new Eos. Some items include cashmere wraps and pretty head scarves.

Dv2051005_4 Ann Job at the Detroit News is speaking out about how women are viewed as “distracted, stupid fools” when it comes to driving. There was research done by Carnegie Mellon University showing that men are 77 percent more likely than women to die in car crashes, but people still stereotype women as poor drivers! Check out the entire article for Job’s opinions.

Bilde_2 I am woman, hear me roar! To say that Marion Luna Brem is successful is like saying that the sun is a little bright. The adjective doesn’t quite describe her. Brem is a one-woman conglomerate ready to inspire those who come into her orbit. As a cancer survivor, single mother of two, innovative entrepreneur and book author, she is a powerful role model who leaves you no option: Either you succeed or you succeed.

Pict0344 Holly of Edmunds Driving Woman blog shares her experiences at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School. Ask Patty represented at the same course! Holly shares her experience with the instructors and the differences between men and women and their driving abilities. "Typically, men are more ego driven and aggressive. They want to come in and do things with a bigger hammer," noted Johnson. And women? Check out the article to find out!

That’s it for this week! Thank you for all of your submissions! Make sure to submit next week! Please remember to submit your article using the online form or by emailing Breanne at

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