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Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Auto World: January 23rd

Published Jan 23rd 2007, 5:52pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Askpattylogotm1_54 We have some great posts for the carnival this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted and if you don't see your post here this week, check next week! We have some info on new Minivan designs, some ways to grab the attention of GenY-ers, some stories of women rising to the top in the industry, as well as the usual list of great tips! Let's get ready for the ride!

Tidy_garage Does the idea of having an organized garage sound like a fantasy? Have you seen that commercial where the woman looks into her garage to find her car and says “It’s gotta be in here somewhere,” and you see her car buried under a load of junk? If you feel like that is your life, check out this great post on Edmunds Driving Woman blog. It’s all about keeping that garage organized and tidy!

Peugot Peugot, the French car company, was asking people to vote on their favorite concept car designs on their web site. Voting ended last night but you can still check out the crazy conceptual styles of these cars. Church of the Customer blog talks about using the consumer to truly gauge what type of product to build. Plus the cars are really cute!

Rubicon Ann Job, journalist, tells us “Off-roading isn't just for men anymore. It's a great way for women to find adventure, camaraderie, accomplishment and natural beauty.” She also asks why five women of all ages would take to the Rubicon Trail to off-road some vehicles. Her answer? “To drive Hummer H3s, of course.” Read all about their great adventure and their feelings about the “small” Humvee vehicle on MSN.

Mechanic_3 You have probably heard this joke before… radio DJ plays a joke on poor, unsuspecting woman who left her car at a shop. The DJ starts telling her all of these things she will need done, including replacing her headlight fluid and telling her someone stole her transmission, and the woman agrees to about $2400 worth of repairs that don’t exist. Of course, not all women would fall for this, but the recording is still funny enough for a listen!

Trunk The State of California has a number of new automotive-related laws that took effect on January 1, 2007. One of the new laws is designed to curb the practice of “trunking,” or riding in the trunk of a car. Although not risky if precautions are taken and the car is driven in a safe manner, recent accidents involving young people seriously injured while riding in the trunks of cars have spurred the Legislature to take action. We wouldn’t be surprised if all the states followed.

Set_of_tires_2 Vehicle maintenance, like death and taxes is one of those things we just cannot avoid unless of course you don’t mind the occasional walk home from wherever you are! Not nice when your 25 miles away!  There are plenty of things that even the mechanically-challenged of us can do to help minimize the chances of a breakdown and AutoFix blog helps us out with some pointers!

Maud_olofsson Sweden's industry minister Maud Olofsson in Motown to discuss the future of the Swedish car industry with representatives of the U.S. car industry at the Detroit Motor Show. Olofsson was center of attention when Volvo unveiled its 3.2-liter ethanol concept car. "It's really cool," was Olofsson's verdict on the car. Check it out at The Local.

Chrome A recent study showcased in USA Today, showed that Gen Y (those born from 1982 to 2000) influence 52 percent of their families' vehicle choices. Whoa! For the auto industry people out there, if you want to snag some of the buying power of this group of 82 million consumers and their families, you need a fast and comprehensive website to grab their attention and keep it on your site. Peter Batten, GM Chrome Systems, tells you just how to do that.

Car_crash_3 It is one of everyone's worst nightmares--the phone call saying that your loved one has been in a car crash. Today, the five-star rating system known as the New Car Assessment or NCAP is a successful program that provides consumers with realistic and reliable information on the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in America. Check out all the info on the New Car Assessment Program Suggested Approaches for Future Program Enhancements at Woman Motorist.

Magda_salarich In a country where women have long lagged behind their European and U.S. counterparts in salaries and power, Spain's Magda Salarich is a beacon of hope. After getting a degree in industrial engineering in the 1970s, she went to work for French carmaker Citroen! Today, Salarich is general manager of Citroen Spain and European head of sales and marketing for the parent company. Go Magda!

Chrysler The Detroit Auto Show was a great place to be if you wanted to check up on all the new minivans out there. I know, it sounds really boring, but most automakers are really listening and doing some great things with the capacities and designs of the typically bland vehicles. For example, Chrysler designers worked to reshape the minivan's exterior, replacing the traditional jelly-bean look with a more angular front end. Inside, new features include swiveling second-row seats, a removable table, new lighting and dual DVD screens that can show different movies at the same time.

That’s it for this week! Thank you for all of your submissions! Make sure to submit next week! Please remember to submit your article using the online form or by emailing Breanne at

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