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Ask Patty Bites the Big Apple, Day One

Published Apr 5th 2007, 12:21am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Ap_new_york_autoshow_logo Okay (I take a breath). I am reconsidering what it means to attend an auto show as a woman consumer... it means I actually have time to attend the vehicle reveals and listen to the information presented, it means I actually have time to look at and touch the vehicles. It means I finally have time to experience the show itself.

After years of kamikaze auto show production, I am at last attending the show with the mindset of a female consumer. At the end of each day, I will be much better educated about the vehicles, and in turn, so will the female consumer audience at Ask Patty. In my heart, I feel this is a classic case of quality winning over quantity. So here I am, at the end of the first day, trying to figure out how much of this quantity of information fits for a quality first-day posting. I've decided to start with chronological basics, and will post updates later that lend additional insight to specific product information. I hope this works for you, too. 

Tuesday was a travel day. I had a 6am flight from Los Angeles to New York, which means I was at the airport before the early birds were even dreaming about their breakfast worms. As I was standing curbside waiting to check my bag, I was reminded that - even at the ungodly hour of 5am -- arriving an hour before the flight is not enough time to ensure a stress-free departure. I didn't even have time to put my shoes back on after the security check, and had to run through the airport, tennies in hand, to board my plane.

Interestingly, the three seats behind me on the plane were occupied by Audi booth models, also on their way to the event. These lovely young women had much to share about their experiences on the auto show circuit. None of them were exactly "car chicks" but they told me that, while having the specs memorized is not exactly part of their job desciption, they do take an interest in knowing about the cars. It makes their four-hour shifts standing alongside the car 'that' much more entertaining.

Ap_w_hotel I arrived at LaGuardia airport in the late afternoon, and from there was whisked off by a GM driver to forge rush-hour traffic en route to the W Hotel I will call my home for the next few nights. Before I forget, I want to comment that the hotel is a lovely and relaxing oasis in the middle of a hectic city, offering subdued lighting and sensual aromatherapy (even in the elevators). Also, of great importance to the animal owners among our staff and audience, is their Pet Menu which offers a 10-ounce filet, iams kibble burger, bone cookie dog treats, as well as iams gourmet dog and cat food. It appears they have something for everyone  here. I have discovered that I am especially fond of their lemon & sage "Bliss" body butter.

In the evening, General Motors hosted a dinner for bloggers at Metrazur  restaurant in Grand Central Terminal. There, bloggers mingled with about a dozen GM representatives so we could all share about our audiences and their products. They had an assortment of people who educated us on everything from the environment and energy, to Hummers, Saabs, and Pontiacs. We were a group of bloggers who covered every subject and url from and to and

After dinner, we enjoyed the New York night air and walked the seven blocks back to our hotel. I ironed my blouse, set out my show materials, plugged in my camera and computer, requested two wakeup calls, programmed three alarm clock and cell phone alarms, and went to bed praying that I would not oversleep.

Brandy_schaffels_s Next post - "At the auto show"

by Brandy Schaffels "woman consumer"

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