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Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival: Week Around the Auto World November 21st

Published Nov 21st 2006, 4:09pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Askpattylogoturkey2 We have a short week this week with the holiday upon us, but that doesn’t mean we’re slacking off here at Ask Patty! We have another great Carnival for you! Thank you to everyone who submit week after week! We have a theme for this week, focusing on car tips for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Get out a pen and paper and jot down these great ideas and create your own holiday travel checklist.

Hondacamera With the onslaught of backup cameras came the sigh of relief of all parents. But did we relax too soon? There are reportedly 183 fatalities every year caused by large trucks and SUVs backing over children. The systems help, but they aren’t foolproof. Edmunds Driving Woman goes over the plusses and minuses of these systems.

07edgeccrossover_thum From the Car Buyer’s Notebook, we have a great anecdotal story about Thanksgivings past and the family road trip in the station wagon. Can you remember when cars didn’t have cup holders? Gasp! (Some of us can, so watch your mouth.) The author, Frank, muses through the traditional holiday tune, “Over the river and through the woods…” while recounting all the great things his current crossover ute does!

Turkey Pam at BlogHer has some fantastic Thanksgiving tips for you. She gives this bit of guidance: “A pre-trip inspection helps reduce the chances of costly and possibly dangerous road trouble. It also provides an opportunity to have repairs done by one's own technician locally who knows the vehicle.” Make sure you read up on the rest of her ideas before hitting the road.

Traffic Holiday traffic can be absolutely terrible, especially for those of us who are driving to our destination. On Thanksgiving a 60-mile trip can turn into 4 hours if you don’t plan carefully. To circumvent all of the frustration related to holiday gridlock, it is recommended that you leave earlier than the day prior and plan to be pulling up to your destination in a timely fashion. Inside Travel has all of the inside info you need to plan a gridlock-less trip.

Family_dinner We’ve been giving you tips on driving and traffic, but what about when packing up the food and family? What’s the best plan of attack when it comes to food storage for a long trip? Toyota Owners Online has the answers!

Flat_tire Make sure you check your tire pressure before the long trip! If you do any kind of last-minute inspection before driving out to Uncle Rio’s, make sure it’s the tire pressure. Not only can you protect your family from a potentially fatal blowout on a filled-to-capacity freeway, but you will save yourself coin as well - proper tire inflation improves gas mileage.

Womensigns Okay, enough Thanksgiving already! What about the women of Spain you say? Glad you asked. A Spanish town council has vowed to banish sexism from street signs by demanding half of all road signs and traffic lights show female figures with skirts and ponytails. The good thing is, it’s not costing taxpayers a penny!

Key_fob_112006 These car manufacturers just keep getting smarter and smarter! GM has developed a 2-Way Advanced Remote Start mechanism that allows car owners to “talk” with their car. The 2-Way Advanced Remote Start System actually communicates important information about vehicle systems via a small LCD screen on the key fob. And we thought the car emails were creepy.

Computer Speaking of weird science and the bionic car, what if your car could Google your ex, check your Hotmail and play your Winamp? It’s not crazy talk anymore. Azentek is offering a fully functional personal computer for your car, which is no bigger than the typical navigation screen.  It should fit into your stock dashboard without any problems.

Used_cars Thinking about buying a used car? Roadster’s Way reminds you to always inspect a car before buying it. Since an inspection costs money, you want to eliminate possible purchase candidates by going through a preliminary check yourself. Their article on car buying tips covers all the basics and more.

Shifting Super Street shows us how to shift properly. Driving stick can be elusive, especially when you are learning on a really crappy old VW Bug. If you learn on any of the more modern transmissions with the short shifters, you will probably have an easier time of it, but you might find yourself throwing your stick into 2nd gear instead of 4th and that should be avoided if possible.

Askpattylogoturkey2_1 Thank you to all of those who submitted their posts to us this week! Make sure you submit next week or email your blog post to Breanne at

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