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Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival: June 12th

Published Jun 12th 2007, 4:02pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Welcome to Ask Patty’s blog carnival for June 12th! Father’s Day is around the corner and (gasp!) we haven’t even started our shopping! We found some great gift ideas and heartfelt articles for you so make sure you check it out. A girl always has a special place in her heart for her dad. Make sure you let him know this Sunday with an extra special gift.

Carmats “Car accessories” probably isn’t a phrase you will hear men say much… probably because most males think of accessories as pink or fluffy and very girly. Well, these floor mats by GGBailey will change his mind. They are made to custom fit any vehicle and are made in vibrant colors or fun patterns (like tiger stripe, plaid, etc). It’s like dropping a throw rug onto a boring floor. It simply makes the car more sophisticated!

Shoes Driving shoes are always a nice treat for dad, but let’s face it; they can look either geeky or goofy. I mean I would love a pair of Pilotis just like the next gal, but who wants to actually wear them—even if you are in your car? These driving shoes by AutoSport are incredible. They not only work as functional driving shoes, but look fantastic. Pair some nice slacks with it and you have a classy, casual look! Check out the other items at DuPont Registry for more ideas.

Navigation Over at GPS Lodge they are talking about GPS as the next best thing for the old man. We love GPS and navigation systems, but there are so many to choose from! How do you know what is out there and what is best for someone? GPS Lodge gives you a nice break down of the options.

Father We found a beautiful article by Michelle Thompson-Duncan about her father and her experience driving his 1978 Corvette (I know! Sign me up!) Michelle’s dad pulled over after a nice ride with her and let her drive his precious machine. She says, “I was sure I would never again get a present that would ever measure up to that feeling.”

EarnhardtWe wanted to reminisce about the Earnhardt family’s Budweiser commercial from last year. It was a great tribute to the family and they salute some great fathers. According to, “Budweiser honors the Earnhardt family’s three generations of NASCAR success this Father’s Day with a “ NASCAR History” ad showcasing original imagery representing more than 50 years of the family’s racing legacy and Budweiser’s long-time support for auto racing.”

Events_rod What father’s day would be complete without a listing of car shows! Car shows are the lifeblood of many fathers out there. My dad grew up around hot rods and then he raised my brother and me around them as well. Because of our passion for all things automotive, we like to visit car shows a lot! Check out the list at SoCal Car Culture, and scope the different event listings for great auto shows. Then take dad!

Roadsters Speaking of car shows, the ultimate LA area car show is the Annual Roadsters Trade Show and Swap Meet. This is the 42nd year for the show and it goes on only on Saturday and Sunday from 7am until 4pm. General admission is $15, if you happen to live in the LA area. If not, check out your local car show listings and take pops this year!

A sad foray into a woman’s story about losing her father. Joy Des Jardins recounts her memories of her father and tells about how torn up she is over the loss. Her father left before he could meet her new babies! Well, Ask Patty reaches its heart out to Joy!

Bbq And finally, get something dad wants this year! How about a portable car BBQ grill? We founds some hot ticket items at that pretty much cover anything you could possible want for dad! These grills are super heavy duty and look awesome to boot!

That’s it for this week! Thank you for all of your submissions! Make sure to submit next week! Please remember to submit your article using the online form or by emailing Breanne at

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