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Ask Patty Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival: August 7th

Published Aug 7th 2007, 4:22pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

It’s been a whole week! Can you believe it? Here we are again with another carnival for you. This time we found some great car tips and advice for you covering topics like accident management, auto loans, and child safety. Enjoy it!

Carseat CBS News writes about an Associated Press study which found that even more children are dying after being left unattended in hot cars. According to this study, 16 children have died already this year. Honestly people, it’s downright dumb and its child abuse to leave your child in a hot car. The temperatures can rise considerably in just a few minutes and it’s incredibly dangerous. CBS goes on to say, “Some of these children crawled into cars or trunks on their own, but most were left to die by a caregiver. Most often, it was a parent who simply forgot the child was inside.”

Jalopnik On a lighter note, Jalopnik is touting a study that says the act of eating may pollute more than cars do. According to the story, “is based on calculating the environmental cost of food versus oil production. Surprisingly, it's the food that pollutes more.” According to Goodall, Author of "How to Live a Low Carbon Life" and a Green Party parliamentary candidate in England, driving a typical UK car for three miles adds around 0.9 kg of CO2 to the atmosphere, while walking the same distance uses about 180 calories, which you'd need 100 grams of beef to replace. And that would result in 3.6kg of emissions, or four times as much as driving. That’s food for thought.

Edmunds_clothes Edmunds Driving Woman showed off some hot duds this week. A clothing company called TrackCouture is outfitting the youngest of the racing fans – babies and toddlers. The tees sport catchy slogans like "I'm Tired" your baby will stop 'em in their tracks. These pieces join the lineup that consists of women's and girls' t-shirts with sparkly NASCAR logos, and other track-inspired phrases like, "Burnouts, Backflips, Fence Climbing and Victory Lane."

Shock We listened to Jennster’s Blog this week, and her rant about someone parking her spot every day. Apparently someone is taking her parking spot at work. You need to hear her idea of getting it back: “every morning I imagine seeing the car on the road.... and then I have this whole race to the parking spot play out in my head. Only the other car doesn't really play along because they don't even know I’m mad. But I know! So I race them and they just look at me like I’m a crazy person and then i beat them and take MY spot back!”

Drive_green We found this really interesting product… basically it’s a tire gauge that inflates your tires. We kid you not. Here’s how it works: Simply connect the inflator to the tire valve stem and inflate as usual. As the tire pressure reaches the preset level, the inflator shuts off airflow into the tire automatically and the LED light turns on. The inflator is then removed and may be stored in your glove compartment until your next pressure check.

Nissan Nissan has made our carnival this week. The ever-changing and tech-advanced company has some new “Gadgets” coming our way. Electronics Blog tells us about it: “Just days after showing off a concept vehicle with anti-drunk driving technology, the firm is now demonstrating a number of other non-alcoholic safety features including a lane departure prevention system, bumper sensors that release a hinge to lift the engine hood slightly and soften the impact if a pedestrian is hit, and a gas pedal that lifts to warn of possible collisions.”

29women1600Ezine Articles shares some wise tips on auto loans and getting pre-approved. What’s that right? When you want to go and look for a good deal on a car, you want to go and get a pre-approved auto loan. These auto loans will save you some time and money, partly because the auto dealer will be glad to see you already have the cash on hand. Ezine and writer Joseph Kenny will tell you what you need to know about a pre-approved auto loan.

Crashed_car And if that weren’t enough, Ezine writer Mumtaz Shah tells us about successful car accident claim. God forbid you are ever in the situation where you need this tip, but if you are, from now on you will be prepared. Here’s one tidbit: “Passengers are innocent victims in a vehicle and can be from either, the fault or non-fault side. Passengers are not in-charge of the vehicle at hand. Therefore they can always make a successful compensation claim provided they have been to a hospital or visited a doctor.” Read the article for the rest.

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