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Ask Patty Automotive Advice for Women (and their DOGS) Blog Carnival: August 14th

Published Aug 14th 2007, 3:55pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

This week Ask Patty is going to the dogs! You know how we love our furry canine companions and what better way to share our love with them than to share our passenger seats?! So we rounded up some pet safety tips, some new gadgets, and some fun doggie stories to make your Tuesday morning more pleasant.

Dogsincars The Times Colonist wrote an article about car buyers and their dogs… apparently women may make 60 per cent of car purchases and influence 85 per cent of consumer decisions, but the latest research suggests the real power lies with the one who wears the paws in the family! That’s right! According to a survey by the American Kennel Club, nearly half of dog owners (47 per cent) are swayed by the needs of their four-legged friends when choosing a new vehicle. I have to say my dogs didn’t influence my purchase decision but they are an integral part of my driving life and are great back seat buddies!

Petsitusa The PetsitUSA blog is talking about a subject that is close to our hearts – leaving pets alone in cars to overheat. The post is about two people in Maine who left two dogs in their car to go shopping Home Depot. According to police reports, a mother and her adult daughter parked their car at a Home Depot on Wednesday afternoon and left their dogs inside the car while they shopped. When the women emerged from the store about 45 minutes later, the dogs had died from heat exhaustion. How cruel! Read the rest of the investigation here.

Komfort_pets Gizmodo is speaking to us dog lovers today! They found this nifty crate that will literally cool your pet off during hot weather! Komfort Pet has new climate-controlled crates that will automatically cool you off once your crate breaks 72 degrees or will heat up once it goes below 65 degrees. It’s a bit pricey because of the technology involved but hey, we would do anything for our pets right?! And just LOOK at that adorable pup!

Animalhubbub Animal Hubbub talks about a new video from Purina TV has lots of helpful advice about traveling with your pet. Check out 'On the Road' -- it has tips for both car and air travel, including how to prepare Fido or Fluffy for the trip, and a list of items you'll want to be sure to remember to take along. Look at that smiling, happy traveling dog! Is your pet a good traveler?

Barefootcajun Ever heard of a Bichon Bash? Me either, but the Barefoot Cajun has and even attended! Apparently it’s when a bunch of Bichons all get together and play all day! There were probably 30 Bichons in attendance with their people. They traveled to and gathered on the campus of Ol' Miss and spent the day talking Bichons. I can’t say much about it because my husband and I attend Corgi Fun Day every year out in our neck of the woods…

Boandguinness I love these puppies! Flickr user SmellyKnee posted her pups riding to the dog park in her VW Beetle. She says, “They LOVE the car, unless you turn toward the vet. Then the whining and pacing starts. Two dogs pacing in a car is not fun, especially when the car is a bug! Luckily we were on our way to the dog park here. Bo (the closer dog) was sitting on the little plastic armrest between the front seats. She did a heck of a balancing job!”

Hydrant And one last Flickr picture for all the Fidos out there. User MattTorontoCanada posted this great moment in time with a dog watching a fire hydrant longingly as his car flies by.

And with that we say a big good bye and give a big doggie smooch!

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