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Published Jun 18th 2007, 4:07pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Thursday, June 14, 2007
"Dad's 'Automotive Type' Helps Decide Father's Day Gift" at
There are two types of fathers, those who work on their cars and those who don't. Whether your dad is a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) or a Do-It-For-Me type (DIFM), consider an automotive gift for dad this Father's Day.
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"Car Advice for Women" at
Purchasing a car does have its challenges for a woman especially in dealing with the mostly male car salesmen who are known got their sneakiness and tend to look down on their female customers.
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"Find your Dream Car" at
Sometimes i feel like women are more innocent and helpless when comes to automotive, i don't know how about you, buy i am definitely the one. I don't have much knowledge about everything in car such as the purchase procedures and the maintenance. Don't panic, you can Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty! now.
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As a female I absolutely love this site, AskPatty.Com. The site is all about women and cars, the things we need to know when they aren't working right but want to learn on our own without depending on a man.
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"Looking for your dream car?" at
One thing women don't seem to be very good at shopping for is cars. I'm quite savvy when it comes to mechanical things, and even I was stumped when it came to buying a new car. When I was looking for my car, I read a lot of websites to get their opinions and I'd recommend that you Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty!. It's a site for women so you can expect easy to understand jargon. I know I found it a great help.
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"Just Ask Patty" at
An interesting fact - if I were to ask you who makes the majority of vehicle purchases in the United States each year, men or women - what would you answer? I have a feeling you would go with men without even blinking. After all, cars have become considered sort of a guy's thing and women drivers don't have the best reputation...
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"Finding the right vehicle" at
I've written before about how I love companies and products that are targeted towards a niche audience and offer a unique proposition especially for these customers. is a company that caters specifically to women wanting to buy cars and deals with all automobile related topics, including buying the right car, maintenance issues, how to finance a car and a host of other issues.
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"ASK PATTY" at Pimentels-photography
Knowledge is power and at AskPatty.Com the quality females who are there to assist you are also their to educate you so that you can be a smart car consumer.
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"Find your Dream Car!" at
I do a lot of surfing around the net for new and interesting resources, lately I've been doing a lot of research into cars. There are many sites out there that will help you find everything you're looking for, there are even ones that are targeted to women, Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty!, is a key example.
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Ask Patty" at
My dad bought my first car for me, and I was always along for the negotiating when my parents purchased theirs. Still even after all that exposure, I was uncomfortable when it came down to shopping around for my second car late last year. I wish I had know I could Shop and Contact an AskPatty Certified Dealer. What is AskPatty? It is a "safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics."
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"Women Can Find Their Dream Car on Ask Patty" at
In many parts of the world, women make up a big part of drivers and vehicle-owners. Yet it can be a challenge for women who are first-time car buyers or for women who have had a bad experience with buying a car.
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"Ask Patty for cars" at waynemansfield
Speaking from a males perspective, guys love cars. I know I do, spending a large chunk of my weekly salary on my car, a Nissan Silvia. But even if the love of a car isn't as fanatical as my own, there is still a large difference in attitude between a male going to a car yard or private seller to purchase a vehicle, and a female. The basic attitude around these types of purchases that woman will buy on emotion, such as 'I love that car' why? 'Its a really pretty colour!'
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"Women Are Car Buyers" at Clutzy's Clutzes
Women who buy cars are finding that it is still a man's marketplace. You wouldn't think that in this day in age, gender would be an issue. Unfortunately it is. That is why women should be knowledgeable when they go to look for a new car. Ask is a great website to learn all the ins and out of buying a car.
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"AskPatty" at Jendavid
Honestly, I know nothing about cars except how to drive it and when I should get my oil change or get more gas,LOL! When you talk about the engine or even what to look for when purchasing a car, I surely doesn't know. That's when I leave it all up to my hubby Not everyone has their husbands to help them deal with this kind of thing. And that's when you go to Ask Patty!
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
"Land Rover Donates 4 Millionth Vehicle to Born Free"
Land Rover passed a historic milestone last month when the four millionth vehicle rolled off the production line, 59 years after production began at the company's factory in Solihull. The car, a Discovery 3, was donated to the Born Free Foundation, a charity dedicated to wildlife conservation and animal welfare.
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"Women Can Find Their Dream Car on Ask Patty" at
My aunt is a prime example of someone who gets taken to the cleaners when she goes to car dealerships and auto mechanics. would be excellent for her and I'll be supplying her with their url. is looking to change the frustration that some women, like my aunt, might face when looking to purchase a car or getting their cars serviced.
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"Girls! Time To Pick Out Your Car!" at
Ladies, I have to tell you that I have had problems finding a car because there is always some guy that wants to give me advice.
So, if you really want good advice do not go to a guy. Go to Ask Patty! This place is set up for us ladies to Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty!
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"Find My Dream Car" at
I don't know how others woman buy their new car, for me buying a new car is really a hard job. Usually I will look for my friends to help me when I need a new car. But its quite shame to let people I am a car idiot. Haha, But now I should not fear to buying a car by my own because i can get help from ask patty now.
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"Look Before You Lease - Kicking the Tires Virtually: Buying Tires Online" at
To lease or to buy? That's the choice you face when mulling over makes and models and deciding which car deal best meets your needs. Leasing a car is not the same as buying one. When you buy, you own the car. When you lease, you pay to drive someone else's vehicle. Leasing can involve lower monthly payments than a loan.
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"An Open Letter to the Illegally Parked Teal Crown Victoria with Pimpin' Rims on Main Street" at
Dear Pimp Daddies (as stated on your back windshield): I realize that perhaps you had some urgent business at Marilyn's Cottage, home of the only Mississippi State baby cheerleader uniforms in town, which led you to leave your car running, with windows rolled down, almost nearly blocking in my car. Maybe you were unable to see the diagonal white lines and 14 other cars parked within them. I'm the first to admit that vision loss happens to the best of us.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
" Announces the Launch of its New Car Care Guide: Pick Up a Free Copy" at

The Car Care Council has just published its 56-page Car Care Guide for both consumers and shop owners. This great booklet is almost like having a technician in your car with you. It is the perfect size for your glove box too!
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Monday, June 11, 2007
"Help Save More Lives: Use a Five-Point Harness Child Seat" at
This is a terribly sad story. The Ask Patty staff saw this video and knew we needed to share it. I hate to sound glib, but you should get out your tissues for this one. Watch this video in memory of Kyle, who lost his life in a car accident due to his seat belt on his car seat unlatching, even though every precaution was taken by his loving parents.
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"What Everyone Ought to Know About Financing A Vehicle" at
Financing a vehicle is a scary thing. We've all been through it at one time or another, or at least have looked into it. Before you head to your next dealership, here's a little financing quiz for you.
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"The Carnival of Family Life" at
Jody DeVere presents - Official Blog posted at AskPatty - Automotive Advice For Women.
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Sunday, June 10, 2007
"Ford's List Of Top Things To Do This Summer" at
With the calendar page now on June, the summer travel season is officially under way. It will be a busy one, according to recent data released by the Travel Industry Association (TIA).
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Saturday, June 09, 2007
"Oprah Shares Lessons on Backover Safety" at
Last week, Oprah Winfrey aired a segment entitled "Life Saving Lessons From Families Like Yours." This show featured an item on impaired driving and another piece featuring the dangers of blindzones behind vehicles.
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