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Ask Patty Around the Auto World Blog Carnival: May 8th

Published May 9th 2007, 12:22am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Welcome back to our blog carnival... we have some fun cutesy kiddie blog posts today as well as some serious, girl power ones! Check out our post on "why women are annoying"... say what?! No really, keep reading and then post your rebuttals!!!

Typer_childsea450tAccording to AutoBlog, Honda markets a line of child safety seats through its dealer network, and today comes word that the automaker's going to leverage its well-known "Type R" brand for a limited-edition kiddie seat. Limited to just 300 units, the seat is done in black and red. The main seating surface is covered in a perforated red fabric, while the side bolsters use a black suede-type material. It is not only sporty but will catapult your kid to the top of his or her social group in preschool no doubt!

Allison_auto_biz Allison Palmiero Brady has been in the automobile business more than half her life, but she still surprises some customers when they want to see the general manager at Palmiero Toyota Scion and she steps forward. Brady says “It’s more accepted now, (but) it is sometimes (a shock) if you’re not what someone expects you to be,” said Palmiero Brady, 38, who has held the position for eight years at the Vernon Township business. We applaud Allison for her involvement and leadership in this industry!

Womanwithcar Women have come a long way. Finally, the automakers are taking notice of this fact. Automakers are now catering their vehicles more towards a woman's needs. No, they aren't doing this to be nice or proactive. They are doing this because they have realized it is good for their business, for selling their products. Why? Estimates now say that over half of the vehicles being bought are now being bought by women. Plus, when women go to buy these vehicles they usually do not intend on buying the first time or even the second time they look at some vehicles. Women shop for their automobiles with a plan. They research. Oh boy, they are starting to listen to us! Shout it out ladies!

Rickey Blogger Rickey writes about his beloved 1990 Volvo 740GL sedan with 220,000 miles on it. He says this car was the best thing since sliced bread for an entire generation of safety minded suburbanites circa 1990. But now? Now so attractive anymore… So he answers some questions you might have about his choice of transportation and "modern day mechanical marvel" like does it have cupholders or power steering. Read on to find out!

Kids_driving_cars2_2 Check out this incredible event! Cars, Stars & Guitars will be holding its 12th Annual Motorhead Festival at Hooters Casino & Hotel on May 11 & 12. The event is free and will be held 1p-9p Friday and 10a-9p Saturday. I’m a Kid Foundation offers support to children with hair loss from cancer, alopecia, and AIDS through increasing public awareness of hair loss and offering programs that improve the lives of those affected by hair loss. The event, which draws people from Nevada and surrounding states, is expecting a turnout of more than 10,000 people for the weekend so make sure to get on over before it fills up!

Riverside_car_show Speaking of charitable car shows, classic cars and some not-so-classic clunkers will cruise at slow speeds through the streets of downtown Riverside this weekend. It's the ninth annual Show and Go Car Show sponsored by Riverside East Rotary and the O.F. Racing Club. The event will feature 1,000 cars, food booths and entertainment, with all of the proceeds going to local charities. Cruises will take place from 6 to 10 p.m. today, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday. Check it out for more info.

Womanincarwithphone And what do you think of this?! Women's car insurance specialist Diamond, a British company, says in a news release that it surveyed both male and female motorists to find out what irritates them most about other road users and passengers of both genders, and women were certainly harsher about men than the other way around—although they didn't escape criticism entirely. Whoa! Ladies what do we think of that?! Check out what they found in the study.

S80 It's no secret that women like to shop for just about anything, so making a product attractive to them shouldn't be difficult. At least that's what most car makers seem to think. At least 60 percent of new cars are bought by women, and it's starting to change the manufacturer's focus. This year, Volvo upped the ante when it came to safety by adding a security device that can detect a heartbeat inside the vehicle. The new S80 comes with a personal car communicator, which drivers attach to their key ring. It uses two-way radio technology that will inform the driver if there's a heartbeat detected in the vehicle. If the car's alarm has been activated, the driver will know to avoid danger and walk away from the vehicle.

Logo_komenEvery year BMW and Susan G. Komen for the Cure teamed up to raise money for breast cancer awareness. BMW will donate one dollar to the organization for every mile someone test drives one of their cars.Susan G. Komen marketing specialist, Julie Sampson said the money raised will go towards research, education and treatment programs, but the ultimate goal is to save lives by ending breast cancer forever.

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