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Published May 22nd 2007, 3:36pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Gassed Up Girlie Gadgets

by Breanne Boyle

What do you get the gal that loves her car? Boring old car covers and car wash buckets are the gifts of the past! There is a whole new market out there for car-related accessories and fun gifts for women and moms! Ask Patty has put together some great gadgets and gift ideas good for any time of the year.

Most steering wheel covers are ugly, let's face it. Who wants some geriatric-looking nubby rubber on their wheel? Hmmm - might be a nice hand massager while waiting in traffic. Opt for style instead! These pink MINXY steering wheel and seatbelt covers are adorable and fit most vehicles. Check out the entire line of MINXY interior pieces at Fast Chick.

Everything Carz has even more neat stuff to offer. They have handbags
made from used truck and tractor inner-tubes which would otherwise be part of landfills polluting the Earth. And they are seriously cute. These tubes are collected from tire centers and cleaned using an environmentally friendly process. They use fine hand dyed smooth grain and embossed leathers for the trim to add a touch of color. They are completely handmade and unique, and stand up to inclement weather! Check out all the styles!

Dings in your car are about the worst thing to come back to when you are out running errands. Someone parked too close to you, they come out of the store, loaded to the sky with shopping bags, open their car door too wide and BANG! Well, what if you could saunter right over and cover up the ding with a tool as small as a pen? You can! With the AutoVisuals pen, you can get the exact match to your car paint and carry it right in your purse. It covers up dings and scratches like a charm!

Besides having a roadside kit with all the safety essentials like flashlights and flares, what's a girl to do if she is stranded in her car waiting for assistance? Pop open your Safety Girl Kit. Besides some standard-issue safety gear, it includes a professional nail file, Ghirardelli chocolate, Zox breath freshener, balm of Gilead lip moisturizer and aromatherapy headache remedy, Oxiclean® instant spot remover wipe, Dove anti-perspirant, Wet Ones cleansing wipes, Sight Savers® eyeglass lens cleaning tissue, 2 Dittie tampons, and an emergency sewing repair kit. Forget the accident, this kit could come in handy everyday!

Traveling with kids always brings with it some chaos and scrambled planning of in-car games for entertainment. Well, forget the mess of toys in the backseat or the arguing over who's side something sits on. Put an end to backseat chaos with the backseat organizer! Store toys, snacks and games in one convenient organizer so kids can reach what they want without your help. It's a toy box, a snack bar and, with a quick flip, the top converts to a game table.

Purses are always great gifts. But if you want a unique take on the plain, check out Bucklebags. They have purses, messenger bags, and backpacks all made out of seatbelts! And it's not just the ugly tan, brown and blacks you see in your own car. They have pink, white, orange and yellow - and just about any color you could think of! Great options for everyone in your family.

You've probably seen those life hammers for sale. You know, the ones that can shatter a car window? They say that car windows are so tough to break that you truly need something like this in your vehicle in case of an accident or emergency and you need to exit your vehicle. A crowbar might work, but who owns one of those? This mini life hammer is easily tucked into a car door pocket or glove compartment of even the smallest cars. If the hammer part isn't enough, it also has a blade to cut through seatbelts.

What do you get the traveling tot for their birthday? How about some very grown-up looking vintage hand-stamped luggage? Celebrity Baby Blog is showcasing this mini suitcase for kids and we just love it! It even comes with a key to lock it up. Think of all the treasures the kiddies can put in there!

Surprise a new driver with this new driver kit. Inside an adorable metal lunch box includes a flashlight, dashboard diva (we're not sure either, but it sounds cute!), keychain, car air freshener and a pink travel cup. What a great gift for that teen driver! If you could only wrap up a perfect driving record with a little bow as well...

While you're driving around town or on a road trip with the fam, why not make the pooch happy as well? You can give the gift of a semi-custom bucket seat cover from Canine Covers. Sure, the dog won't know the difference but you will when you clean out the car. It is completely machine washable! Woof!

These are just adorable. Try adding some color and fun to your car with some car magnets from Girls Love Wheels. They are strong, fade-resistant magnets that stay firmly in place and make your car unique! They have all sorts of options: paw prints, ladybugs, butterflies, and flowers

If you take a vacation and decide to drive to your destination, you know how boring it can be for the little ones. Why not give Junior something so he can carry all of his games and toys? Check out this Travel Activity Bag from Koo Koo Kidz. Heck, you don't even need to be in a car to use it. It would be great for taking to a friend's house, or carting around art supplies, or anything else you can cram in there.

There are so many great gadgets and gift ideas out there that make traveling in the car much more enjoyable. And having a few extra purses never hurt anyone.

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Breanne Boyle is the eMarketing Manager with Previously, she worked for multiple automotive magazines, including European Car, Motor Trend, Automobile, Import Tuner, Honda Tuning, Street Trucks and Diesel World. She currently freelances for many of these publications as well as works with Ask Patty, Automotive Advice for Women. Her two fur-kids are both rescue dogs, named Rigby and Roxy.


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