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Published Jan 9th 2007, 6:37pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

The People

The world is getting smaller and smaller. With all the new blogs and blog tools out there, it's really hard to keep up. I keep wondering how small businesses, like yours and mine, are expected to manage all of this information. As regular readers will know, I support many bloggers - lots of women, but a number of men, too. What you don't know is that... I have hundreds of blogs listed in my Bloglines account. These are folks I admire and respect - but seldom get to visit. Online, that is. I try to view their blog posts in my bloglines account at least...well, once or twice a month, and even that is getting hard to do. Worse than that, I keep adding new blogs!

Does that sound familiar? Well, I have made a commitment to myself to try and 'touch' more friends this year. That means visiting more blogs and commenting appropriately (leaving relevant notes that speak to the post I'm commenting on), and connecting via email now and then. All of which is relevant to you - and marketing to women online - because this will enable me to learn more about what's happening out there in the world of people doing business on the net.

Isn't that what it's really all about: the people? I find myself referring to "the people" over and overStarshine_2 again in all of my offline discussions about social media and blogs and marketing. It's the people who count - not the technology, not the tool, not the headline, not the tags, not the URL. The people are the ones who buy your products and services. The people are the ones who like or dislike you. The people are the ones who write and compliment you or complain about you or ignore you. Connecting to the people...of which over 50% are female... is the only way you will ever make your business a success.

When I say 'people' I'm not referring exclusively to women, but be aware that I am thinking "girl" or "Mom" or "women." We ladies aren't out to conqueor the world (well, not all of us) but we do influence over 80% of the goods and services that get bought and sold in the U.S. We do manage most offices, and homes, and garages, and all things related to home and family, including healthcare. We willingly accept the role of leader in these areas. And, we happily share that role with the men in our lives, whether those are sons, uncles, dads, or husbands.

So, my mantra going forward is to connect you to The People - those women and men who can help you become more successful.

Here's a start - hop over to this week's Carnival of the Capitalists. Excellent work this week from Andrew MacGill of Peer Sight Online. This list has it all - familiar blogs from many carnivals, and new blogs that are well worth visiting. Of most interest are the people behind these blogs. Check out some of the about pages.

Another place that's a must-see on a regular basis is Ask Patty! This site (and blog) has done more to help auto dealers and such get into the right "female-friendly" mindset than almost any other. Jody DeVere, a good friend and talented business woman, knows how to market herself and her business using simple tools like word of mouth and email. She's a gal's gal when it comes to competing in a tough industry - always mindful of the ladies. But, don't let that fool you - Jody can talk machines with the best of'em. This week she's in Detroit... which is fitting since the auto show is there. [btw, Ask Patty! appeared in our Sunday paper this week! How kewl is that?]

My last link for the day, today, is from Anita Campbell. Anita is one of my first blog friends, and is also one of the smartest women I know. She's got it all going for her - intelligence (just check out Small Business Trends blog), experience (she comes from the world of motor sports!), and good looks (what a smile!)...but best of all, she's friendly and approachable. This is one classy lady that I am so glad I met - way back when. I recommend her and her work to you. Check her out on a weekly basis, at least.

In the coming months, you will be introduced to more of the people who make it all happen. People who have helped me succeed, people who have done outstanding things online, and people who are showing the world what innovation and creativity are all about.

Stay tuned. One of those people might be you.

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