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Are Your Fluids Fresh as a Daisy? Fluid Facts Part 1: Brake Fluid

Published May 3rd 2019, 5:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles

Hey, what's that spot?  There are many fluids in your vehicle, and if it seems you're leaking a mystery fluid, it can be worrying to not know what it may be.  Today's featured fluid is brake fluid.  This is hydraulic fluid which can range in color from clear to dark brown.  You may mistake it for engine oil, but it's much more slippery to the touch.  This is a very important fluid, and if it seems that your vehicle has a brake fluid leak, this is an emergency!  Do not try to drive the car before this problem is inspected and fixed!

Here are some facts about brake fluid:


Clean brake fluid is clear.  If your brake fluid is muddy or rusty in hue, it may be good to think about replacing it.

Spongy Brakes

If you press your brakes and they feel soft of spongy, or if there seems to be a delay between when you press the pedal and when you slow down, this can be a warning sign to check or change your brake fluid.  Don't delay this, because brake problems are a show-stopping emergency condition!

How Often Should You Change It?

Most manufacturers suggest that brake fluid should be replaced every two to three years.  Some suggest changing as often as every 20,000 miles, while some use larger mileage values such as 45,000.  To be sure what the recommendation is for your vehicle, take a look at your owner's manual.

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