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Are you Green? Or Are You Going to Become Green?

Published Oct 4th 2007, 5:50pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles
Now that's the question!! Our expert woman, Amanda Jo'an Pierce, suggests ways to encourage change to the world's problems of pollution and overpopulation.

How long is it going to be until our society realize that, once all of the earth's unrenewable resources are used up, we've reached the end of the line? Humans are reaching the maximum population the earth can sustain, as well as the end of the natural resources available to us. American citizens, especially our motorists, are along the largest contributors to the depletion of the ozone and other non-renewable resources.

Everyone must begin to realize that a real-world problem has been brewing for years, and a good start would be to become active in our communities to support recycling plans and to encourage our industries to research such renewable energy sources as solar lighting.  For a very graphic reminder of how drastically our world is changing, visit the world clock at the website.   
Austinpeaystateuniversity1 As this illustration from Austin Peay State University demonstrates, the crucial difference between money and population is that money may increase without limits while population cannot. The populations of all species are constrained by the availability of food, water, shelter, and air. Once air, water, land, and food are used up, species population will not continue to grow exponentially due to famine, diseases, and other catastrophic phenomena. Unlike calculating interest, the limit of a species' population is difficult to predict.  The earth's water supply is limited, and while it may be mostly covered by water, converting salt water to fresh water is expensive. In addition to depleting resources, overpopulation increases environmental problems. With more drivers on the road, more people consuming electricity, creating more trash, and depleting more trees, environmental problems are exponentially increasing;  as more people pollute, massive problems occur.

Pollution is magnifying in developing nations.  As nations with larger populations become richer, their pollution increases with their wealth. Not only does overpopulation cause resource and environmental hazards, but overpopulation also contributes to a large number of the social problem, such as crime and violence, in today's society. Also, with overpopulation, diseases are likely to spread and develop much faster. AIDS, for example, spread due to careless and uneducated individuals, and with so many careless and uneducated people all over the world, diseases will always be a surreal issue.

Human_populationWith an impending crisis looming over the horizon, steps must be followed to ease the population and the many other problems that are directly related to it. When people are educated to the benefits of limiting family size, they respond with lower birth rates. Education, coupled with economic pressure, can reduce the overpopulation problem and ease many of the other problems faced by today's society.

Click to enlarge to this illustration from Austin Peay State University  for a look back on the last century or so, it shows there have been underlying instances of a worldwide call for awareness of the environment but nothing great has come to fruition.

Be_the_change_logo Well, here is one way to make a change by motivating our youth.  is promoting a contest aimed at American and Canadian children from First through 12th grade. Called "You-Tube with a Conscience" this innovative Web contest asks kids to "Be the Change" and "Share the story!" by developing and executing an environmental, human rights, or social justice project, then document it with two short videos about the project.  Three winning schools will receive more than $200,000 in cash and prizes. Moms and Dads, let's encourage our "Generation Y'ers" to take the challenge, and share their stories.

Through this online multimedia contest, Quantum Shift TV is building an online community focused on socially conscious programs documented by solution-oriented videos. According to Quantum Shift, "we know that students these days are both socially aware and media-savvy. We decided to build on their interest in social networking, web videos, and games and channel those interest to projects through which they can make a positive impact in this world. The school setting provides an opportunity to link such projects to important learning opportunities while engaging and empowering our youth and allowing to them to be the change they want to see. Our goal is to inspire 5,000 teams of students to participate in this contest, make a difference in their communities, and share their stories with the world."

An electronic press kit is available at Complete rules and regulations are available at The site will be accepting its first round of videos through December 15, 2007.

By Amanda Jo'an Pierce
AskPatty Expert Woman

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