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Allstate Girls to keep chasing NASCAR's Kasey Kahne

Published Feb 26th 2008, 9:45am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Kasey_2 Have you been ‘jonesing’ for the next installment of the three Allstate girls stalking Kasey Kahne over the motorsports down time this winter? Well, have no fear during the Daytona 500 telecast on FOX on February 17 Allstate will debut the third season of its very popular "Allstate Girls" ad campaign with Kasey Kahne.

For the first time, Allstate spokesperson Dennis Haysbert will join Kasey and the girls on camera.

“These new commercials build on the success of our previous spots while creating a unique safe driving message that resonates with NASCAR fans,” said Lisa Cochrane, Allstate’s vice president of marketing. “The spots deliver our brand message, integrate our assets and bring Dennis and Kasey together on camera for the first time – we’re thrilled with the final product.”

The new ads take the “Allstate Girls” obsession with Kasey to new heights. And you thought Kasey polishing a few toenails was the craziest thing they could come up with!

Not a chance.

Don’t miss Kasey dancing, that’s right dancing to The Scorpions “Rock You Like A Hurricane.”

"Kasey's personality has suited the campaign perfectly," said Pam Hollander, Director of Integrated Marketing for Allstate. "Along with being one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR, he's easy going and fun. His participation has been instrumental in consistently making these commercials the most recognizable in NASCAR. He's developed great rapport with the 'Allstate Girls.'

"While fun and humorous, this campaign has been a great platform for us to deliver auto insurance product messaging directly to NASCAR fans. These particular spots that we're getting ready to unveil promote our new Safe Driving Bonus Check and Accident Forgiveness that we provide our customers.

"We've really enjoyed working with Kasey on these commercials and we look forward to creating more opportunities to integrate him into our consumer marketing platforms."

Judy_fleming_edited1 We chatted with Judy Fleming, the red-headed “Allstate Girl” to see what it’s like having made a career from “stalking” the driver of the No. 9 Gillett Evernham Motorsports Budweiser Dodge.

Did you have any idea when you shot the first commercial that they would be this popular?
No. Not at all. It keeps getting more fun and more fun.

NASCAR fans are fairly rabid, how often are you recognized and asked about Kasey?
Not so much in LA , my family lives in Virginia. I was back for holidays and people recognized me in airports. At Christmas people came up to me in church and asked for my autograph and if we really knew him (Kasey), and I was like ‘uh yeah we work with him’. He’s so nice , people are always asking me if he has a girlfriend.

What is it like to work with Kasey?
It’s great, he’s the nicest guy and adorable, so cute, nice guy and its fun now because we’ve worked together so many times we have a rapport. We tease each other, he keeps telling me how to act.

Did you know anything about NASCAR before you started doing these spots?
I knew about it NASCAR, being from Virginia I have friends that are fans. One of my friends, her husband is a mechanic, so they are really into it. Before this I had never been to a race, now I have been and it’s really exciting. I am into it.

Are you a big fan now?
I would say I am a fan and into it exciting and into it.

Kasey I think one of the big draws is that we rarely see women in ads objectifying men, it’s usually the other way around, what’s it like to be part of a movement where ads are changing to show that sometimes women objectify men?
I love it. I feel so fortunate the casting was great, we are all friends, we feel like the ads are important for women ,we are making fun of ourselves it does make it popular
Why do you think these ads are so popular? Because NASCAR fans are women, I think that they appreciate it. Kasey is hot, so it works.

With Bud as the sponsor this year, does that change any of the elements in the commercials?
I think its separate, the two new spots Daytona 500 we are feeling the same thing. Allstate is still a big part.

Are you getting other acting work from this? Has this been a positive impact on your career?
I want to do more comedy, so it has helped me experience and timing in that kind of thing. I can’t think of a negative thing about it everything has been positive. When I go to auditions, the casting agents know the spots. It’s all been good.

To learn more about Allstate’s teen driving program visit their site.

Tune into the Daytona 500 to see the all new set of Kasey Kahne/Allstate commercials February 17th on your local FOX station.

In 2008, Allstate continues as the official insurance sponsor of Gillett Evernham Motorsports, which includes Sprint Cup Series drivers Kasey Kahne, Elliott Sadler and Patrick Carpentier. This will also be Allstate’s fourth year as the title sponsor for the Allstate® 400 at the Brickyard,® to be held July 27 at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Allstate’s Your Choice Auto® Insurance offers customers more protection, added incentives and new rewards for driving safely. Your Choice Auto® offers customers more options and features, including: Accident Forgiveness, the new Safe Driving BonusSM Check, Deductible RewardsSM and New Car Replacement.

About Allstate
The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Widely known through the “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate®” slogan, Allstate helps individuals in approximately 17 million households protect what they have today and better prepare for tomorrow through approximately 14,900 exclusive agencies and financial representatives in the U.S. and Canada. Customers can access Allstate products and services such as auto insurance and homeowners insurance through Allstate agencies, or in select states at and 1-800 Allstate®. Encompass® and Deerbrook® Insurance brand property and casualty products are sold exclusively through independent agents. The Allstate Financial Group provides life insurance, supplemental accident and health insurance, annuity, banking and retirement products designed for individual, institutional and worksite customers that are distributed through Allstate agencies, independent agencies, financial institutions and broker-dealers.

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