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#2. Blogher Conference 2006 – Case Studies.

Published Aug 23rd 2006, 9:38pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Files_1Blogs are good for business. The following case studies begin to touch on how it's done.

Case Study 1: During the case studies discussion, I raised my hand and whined about not getting enough traffic. Jody DeVere, founder of the car servicing for women blogAsk Patty, grabbed the mike and admitted that she is icing her arms nightly because of the computer duty required to get her blog on the radar. Her recommendations: add links to "blog favorites" on your blog and then ask to be added as a "blog favorite" on like-minded blogs, set up email Q & As to increase feedback opportunities and contact the media.

Blogs soak up content like a sponge, demand intense networking with other bloggers, interest groups, customers, prospects and the news media. They talk about you. You talk about them. Everyone rises.

Case Study 2: was going nowhere fast. Here's Masi Guy on himself: "I am a life-long, dyed in the wool jersey bicycle geek. I am now living out a dream as the Brand Manager of the bike I lusted after since I was 12 years old; Masi Bicycles. If you ever saw the movie Breaking Away, then you probably recognize the name Masi as the bike ridden by the movie's hero Dave. Since seeing that movie in 1982, I have been a compulsive bike geek with little hope of salvation."

Masi Guy wasn't paying much attention to his blog, so he got a pathetic trickle of visitors. To turn the blog around, he solicited outside marketing support, adding links to vintage bikes, pumping his passion for the sport into every sentence, posting his rides and races, including team sponsors – readership skyrocketed.

Successful blogs need time to find their audiences along with daily injections of intimate, original, passionate content.

Case Study 3: Our Fathers who Art in Heaven. First there was the book by Gary Murak, a tribute and collection of inspirational short stories about beloved fathers who have passed away. Then there was the blog. The author wasn't thrilled about becoming a blogger. Now, he's a convert. Mr. Murak discovered that he can interact with his audience, post his book signings and speeches, publish articles, and gain readership. What's not to love about this scenerio?

Blogs get real conversations started, increase awareness, build data bases, sell products and enhance loyal customer bases.

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