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Published May 24th 2007, 10:40pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Most women take a guy along when they go car buying -- and that's what we call a clue.

Surveys show women have a number of issues when entering the male-dominated world of dealer show rooms (like being shown the make-up mirror instead of the engine) but that they generally feel they are treated fairly.

But the surveys also show that where women feel most at a disadvantage is in negotiation. And that's where outfits such as ours come into the picture.

The experts are unanimous when it comes to urging car buyers to line up financing before looking at a particular car. So by applying here, and getting a handle on your total purchasing power first, a female buyer can go into a dealership with a great big hurdle already cleared.

And women by the thousands are doing just that. Not only have Internet-based auto loans boomed in recent years, research shows women spend twice as much time researching vehicles on the Internet as men. Knowledge is power in a showroom, and car dealers have learned it the hard way -- especially where women are concerned.

For proof of this, we offer -- a Web site not only packed full of car-buying tips for women, but also an organization that will train dealers to treat women car buyers with respect. They will even certify dealers as "Female Friendly Certified Dealers."

Now to be clear, we are not affiliated with AskPatty and we're not getting paid to plug them. Our point is that sites such as AskPatty show that women -- and the Web -- have changed the car business forever.

If you feel like joining that trend, please go ahead and apply for an online auto loan. There is no fee and no obligation -- only the chance to improve your car dealership experience.

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