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10 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Teen Driver or Grown-up Gear-Head in Your Life

Published Dec 21st 2006, 5:19pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

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Wondering what to get the race fan, young driver or gear-head in your life this holiday season? Here’s a list of ten unique gift ideas that will not only put a smile on their faces but may just save their lives!

Teen Training
Know a teen driver? "Driver’s Edge” is a half-day hands-on driver training program that teaches teens to “know yourself, know your limits.” Teens learn defensive driving techniques and a respect for traffic safety from professional race car drivers. The best part? It’s free! The program is co-sponsored by corporations such as Bridgestone and Red Bull, who, according to AutoWeek are "intelligent corporate do-gooders who, for more than one reason, value not killing off future customers.” For more information, dates and locations, visit:

Spinout_snow Dashing Through the Snow
Remember spinning those donuts in the wintry parking lot years ago and worrying if you were going to get caught? The Bridgestone Winter Driving School is perhaps the most fun you can have in the snow (other than on skis or a snowmobile) and it could even save your life! The school can teach you or someone you love the skills needed to safely drive in snow, sleet and ice. Automotive journalist Robert Kocher said, "the most I ever learned about vehicle dynamics and handling I learned at the Bridgestone Winter Driving School." Located in beautiful and snowy Steamboat Springs, Colo., the school offers an education for drivers of all ages. For more information:

Racing_school Start Your Engine!
Ever dream of sitting in a race car and putting the pedal to the metal? You can make that dream come true for someone you care about. The Bridgestone Racing Academy offers fans of open wheel racing the thrill of a lifetime. Single sessions and three-day courses are available. Capture the checkered flag at:

Air Aware
Proper tire inflation pressure is critical for safety and for maximizing fuel economy. A good tire gauge (preferably a digital gauge) is critical to perform monthly tire inflation checks. Refer to the owner's manual or the door jamb to confirm your vehicle’s proper pressures; the life you save may be your own. A perfect stocking stuffer!

Set_of_tires Get a Grip!
A good set of winter tires will cost far less than your deductible should you have an accident. These tires have special compounds and tread patterns to improve traction on snow and ice. Look for a snowflake-on-the-mountain symbol on the tire’s sidewall. It indicates a true winter tire. Confused about what size tire to buy? Just ask your retailer (to speed things up, know the vehicle’s exact make, model and year!).

Indy 500
Tickets to the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race are sure to rev-up race fans. Dubbed “the world's greatest spectacle of racing” it is one of motorsports most thrilling and time-honored traditions. For more than 90 years the race has offered plenty of excitement from the track to the race fans. Visit to learn more.

Road Trip!
Plan an adventure to explore areas close to home, or those less traveled. Wander some of the legendary drives at (click the “America’s Legendary Drives” link). Select from scenic passes, historic routes and paths to points of interest from all 50 states and Canada. Enjoy the drive!

First_aid_kit Never Drive Without It
Besides a spare tire, all vehicles should carry a roadside emergency kit. You can purchase one or create your own. Essentials include road flares (with matches), fire extinguisher, pre-paid cellular phone, flashlight (with extra batteries), jumper cables, first aid kit, bottled water, cash/change, portable tool set, thermal blanket and a traction aid (kitty litter is excellent).

Get the Drift?
Drifting is a dynamic new motorsport that has captured the interest of America’s youth culture. The Need for Speed™ Formula Drift Championship Series conducts seven thrilling events each year in major U.S. cities including Irwindale, Calif., Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle and Wall, N.J. Get sideways, and tickets, at

Car Care U
For more than 30 years, Firestone has been educating consumers on the importance of vehicle and tire maintenance through its free Car Care Academies. Many tire dealers also offer such workshops. Each academy delivers important messages on safety and car care information such as knowing the important vehicle fluids, checking the oil level and tire pressure as well as maintaining other important vehicle systems. Visit and select the “get involved” link to enroll or check with your local tire retailer!

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