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How CarMD Pro Scan can increase your shop’s average repair order

When Apr 6th, 2020 at 12:00am Duration 14.34 minutes

CarMD PRO SCAN is a turnkey aftermarket business solution that taps CarMD’s database of curated maintenance, repair and vehicle data to provide repair shops with a way to catch hidden problems, improve customer service and increase average repair order.

CarMD PRO SCAN provides repair facilities with everything they need to easily incorporate this solution into their normal repair routine. In minutes, the service writer or technician can scan every module on the vehicle, whether it’s associated with a warning light or not. The user plugs the tool into the vehicle’s OBD2 port and can go about the rest of the visual inspection. In minutes, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity make it possible to receive the information on a mobile device, tablet or at the shop PC. The CarMD PRO SCAN report displays an overview of freeze frame, I/M status, network scan results, OBD2 codes, pending DTCs, most likely fixes, upcoming maintenance and predicted diagnostics. Dashboard and reporting options enable the shop to customize reports for their customers and offer coupons for related repairs. Shops using PRO SCAN report on average uncovering six additional problems per vehicle otherwise not identifiable with a visual inspection.

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