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Patricia Muir

Professional Certified Coach, Canadian Consultant, Maestro Quality, Inc.

Member since: Nov 2012
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Canadian Consultant -  Patricia A. Muir, PCC 

Patricia is a veteran businesswoman and a thought leader in Quality and Leadership. Her consulting and executive coaching career spans 3 decades. She is well known for her disciplined vision and professional composure. She is a standard-bearer and speaks the language of excellence.

Her clients include 

Fortune 500 consulting and service-based companies

Canadian automotive dealership networks

Regional business resource centers

international women-owned business councils

Canadian LGBTQ+ business council, and 

Women entrepreneurs and executives

Patricia has represented, Inc. for several years in Canada and the U.S.

Patricia is an author, a speaker, and an accredited professional coach focusing on best practices for business excellence and personal performance in the workplace. She is a mentor and coach in the Rhyze Up Women’s Leadership Program and Chair of a Regional GroYourBiz Women’s Peer Advisory Board. Her work continues to focus on making the business world and the workplace a better place for women.

Patricia’s clients and colleagues are propelled toward new levels of performance and results that have been thought to be impossible. She has a reputation for implementing sustainable business systems and completing projects mandated by OEMs and legislation ahead of schedule.

Patricia’s sense of clarity and structure inspires her clients and colleagues to find practical solutions while developing strong relationships within their personal and professional networks.

Her ability to facilitate new insight helps organizations and people thrive in a New Reality that is best for the organization, its employees, its customers, and its community. 

As a champion for an inclusive positive experience in business and the workplace, Patricia promotes emotional intelligence and well-being of leaders in their profession, industry, community, and in their personal lives.

Patricia taps into concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology along with her extensive experience in Quality Management, Organizational Health & Safety, Accommodation for People with Disabilities, Supplier Diversity, and Personal Development. 

Patricia’s consulting specialties include:

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

Customer Retention based on the Net Promoter Score

Joint Health & Safety Programs

Accessibility for customers and employees with disabilities

Return-to-Work Programs: After Cancer; After COVID-19, and

Utilizing the Talent and Experience of Employees Over 60

Patricia’s presentations include:

Keynotes and Webinars

Personal Quality and Leadership:  Based on the personal quality and leadership model (PQS) model described in Awakening the Workplace, Volume 2.  Chapter “Develop Your Own Personal Quality System” authored by Patricia A. Muir, PCC. Target Audience: Individuals interested in building their personal and professional leadership foundation

Make Yourself Memorable: Based on concepts of differentiating yourself in any area of your life.  Can be customized to the target audience including front-line staff.

Exceeding Customer Expectations with Employee Engagement: Based on concepts related to “The Ultimate Question 2.0, Thrive in a Customer-Driven World”. In this landmark book, business loyalty guru Fred Reichheld reveals the question most critical to your company’s future: “Would you recommend us to a friend?” By asking customers this question, you identify detractors, who sully your dealerships reputation and readily switch to competitors, and promoters, who generate good profits and true, sustainable growth. Target Audience: Dealers and Management

Emotional Intelligence for Vehicle Sales and Service: Based on what EQ is; what EQ is not; and the benefits of using EQ360 degree assessments and coaching to build exceptional customer and front-line relationships. Target Audience:  Dealers and Management

Emotional Intelligence for Automotive Retail Leaders: Based on what EQ is; what EQ is not; and the benefits of using EQ360 degree assessments and coaching to develop leadership skills and succession plans. Target Audience:  Dealers and Management

Responding to the Effects of COVID-19: Recognizing the ongoing challenges in leadership and emotional safety in the workplace, the above interactive webinars on emotional intelligence are reassessed and updated regularly to serve the current and evolving needs of the dealership, its employees, its customers, and its social responsibility. Participants receive an individual confidential assessment and briefing. Dealership leaders receive coaching plans to develop leadership skills and succession plans.

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