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Maryann Croce

Owner, Croce’s Transmission Specialists

Member since: Feb 2016
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Automotive Expert Advisor

Maryann opened Croce's Transmission Specialists in 1999 with her husband Tony.  He had years of experience as an automotive technician and Maryann's background was customer service and banking as a branch manager of a local credit union. Over the years they noticed the anxiety in many at just the thought of auto repair. Together with their combined skill sets, they decided to address the "fear of auto repair." Maryann's three-legged approach includes; 1)  Educating customers and the community on vehicle maintenance and repair, so they could add years of life to their vehicles and get the most value from them. Weekly "You Auto Know" blog posts, car care events and clear explanations of the repair process are well received and have made them a local source to many. 2) Bringing professionalism to the auto repair industry and their caring team with continued training and advancement opportunities. 3) Encouraging and supporting the next generation of men and women coming into the auto repair industry through mentoring and scholarship donations.   As a result of their efforts, Croce's was the recipient of the 2010 CT. BBB Business Consumer Education Award. In 2011 the Greater Norwalk Chamber Small Business Award.  Maryann finds volunteering at Make A Wish of CT.  very rewarding. As a woman repair shop owner, she embraces the opportunity to empower women, with their vehicle concerns and believes she has a responsibility to be an example of professionalism for her customers, community, team, and the auto repair industry.  She feels blessed to have a great team of professionals that go the extra mile because they care for every customer's safety and satisfaction. 

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