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Lisa Copeland

CEO, Lisa Copeland LLC

Member since: Oct 2015
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Lisa Copeland is a market-savvy, dynamic and effective professional speaker who is accredited for her "how to capture the women's market" trainings as well as her expert-level strategies within the auto and sales industries. As a leading expert on gender communication, millennial communication and how to sell to women, Lisa has offered priceless and personalized guidance to dealerships and companies all over the country on how to increase deals closed, improve customer service, build increased market share and gain the loyalty of their hard-earned customers within all demographics.

Today, Lisa has built a very successful career with her roots based deep within the automobile industry. Having propelled herself throughout the ranks of positions to eventually become Chief Sales Strategist as well as the platform General Sales Manager of the Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships, and also of her newest endeavor with Nyle Maxwell- General Manager of Fiat of Austin. Lisa led FIAT of Austin, to the coveted Number One FIAT retailer in the Nation. Committed to the FIAT brand, Lisa is one of seven FIATdealers that sit on the National FIAT advisory board that represents the FIAT dealers Nationwide. She has made a notable impact within the "centuries old" auto industry for understanding the incredible buying power of women from the onset of her career, forming a niche within this underrepresented market and ultimately earning their trust and therefore, buying power. Lisa's refreshing outlook on sales as well as her chameleon-like ability to manage all aspects and positions within the auto industry has not only yielded very measurable results, but also earned her multiple awards, including Chryslers' prestigious "5 Star Inner Circle."

Lisa 's career and passion for women in the auto industry has made the National news. Publications such as Marie Claire , Automotive News and the Detroit Free press have featured her and her blog

Lisa has always been very passionate about her community, leading her to co-found Women Impacting the Nation, an organization dedicated to raising money for children of fallen soldiers. Her passion and belief that more women should occupy top positions inspired her to co-found The Project 19 Foundation, a 501c3 that is dedicated to helping women advance in leadership roles in all sectors of business and government.

Lisa is a member of the International Association of Public Speakers and received her professional speaker's training from world-renowned speaker, Steve Siebold.

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