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New Year's Solutions for Your Cars

Every year at this time, we all make our New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you already have yours picked out, and you really mean it this year – or maybe you’ve given up on the concept altogether. Well, we don’t have to tell you that 2020 has been one wild ride for everyone – so this year, let’s give up New Year’s resolutions, and focus on New Year’s Solutions. Stop resolving, and start solving. You can see our article here for some tips to keep those New Year’s Solutions positive and productive.
Published Jan 4th, 2021

DeCARate Your Vehicle This Holiday Season

Deck your cars with lights and holly – falalalala lalalala! The holiday season is upon us, so you’ve likely already hung your Christmas tree ornaments or dusted off the menorah. Sure, your halls are decorated and festive, but what about your car? We’re all trying to concoct new ways to spend the holidays this year, so why not let your merry spirit shine bright while in transit?
Published Dec 7th, 2020

The Machine Behind the Women: Drive Safer and Smart by Knowing Your Vehicle’s Capabilities

AskPatty CEO, Jody DeVere, recently joined the Ladies Offroad Network (LON) for an off-roading adventure through Moab, Utah’s challenging terrain. While most of us think that makes Jody a total badass, she largely credits the experience to ZACC, her 2017 Jeep Renegade Desert Trailhawk. ZACC graciously agreed to share his perspective of the Moab trip with Jody and LON.
Published Nov 17th, 2020

How to Slay Car Monsters with Preventative Care

Your hands are shaking, you’re hyperventilating, and you’re terrified. Halloween may be over, but there are still ghouls and ghosts out there, and your tremors are related to another type of monster – vehicle maintenance and repair – and that can seem way scarier! Car problems are frightening and can be dangerous, but vehicle owners don’t need to be spooked. Here are some tips to help you arm yourself with the weapons you need to defeat all the car care monsters that fall can throw at you.
Published Oct 31st, 2020

From Fender to Fashion: CRASH Jewelry Reveals Beauty in Discarded Vehicle Parts

Most people only see scrap metal when a fender is removed from a vehicle, but Christi Schimpke, Founder of CRASH Jewelry, sees something beautiful and worthy of rebirth. After moving her studio into her husband’s auto body shop in Los Angeles, her admiration of the aesthetic appeal of discarded automotive parts led her to imagine a way to re-purpose those materials. Goal in mind, she set out to create unique cuffs, earrings and other accessories from the metal of luxury vehicles.
Published Sep 14th, 2020

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