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From Fender to Fashion: CRASH Jewelry Reveals Beauty in Discarded Vehicle Parts

Most people only see scrap metal when a fender is removed from a vehicle, but Christi Schimpke, Founder of CRASH Jewelry, sees something beautiful and worthy of rebirth. After moving her studio into her husband’s auto body shop in Los Angeles, her admiration of the aesthetic appeal of discarded automotive parts led her to imagine a way to re-purpose those materials. Goal in mind, she set out to create unique cuffs, earrings and other accessories from the metal of luxury vehicles.
Published Sep 14th, 2020

CarMD Releases 10th Annual State Ranking of Car Repair Costs Corporation today released its 10th annual state ranking of check engine light-related car repair costs, which finds in 2019 Vermont had the lowest average repair cost ($342.14) while California drivers incurred the highest average repair cost ($414.24). Rounding out the five most affordable states for car repair over the past year were Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. After California, District of Columbia, Georgia, New Jersey and Virginia were the states/districts with the highest repair costs. CarMD analyzed data from more than 15.9 million cars, trucks, vans and SUVs needing repairs in 2019 to compile this ranking. This is the second time California has ranked most expensive and the second time Vermont has ranked the least expensive state for car repairs over the past decade.   
Published Jul 27th, 2020

At Home During COVID 19: Keep Maintaining Your Vehicle Even If It Sits Idle

With a majority of vehicle owners living in areas of the country that have stay-at-home orders, many vehicles may be sitting idle for days or weeks at a time. The non-profit Car Care Council recommends starting your car at least once a week and keeping up with routine auto care to help prevent potential maintenance issues.
Published Jul 15th, 2020

National Foundation for Teen Safe Driving: Thank you to the Class of 2020

Prom and graduation are some of the most memorable events in the high school career. Sadly, the memories for students in this year’s graduating class will be very different. The special night that was supposed to be complete with fancy dress and dancing, was probably spent at home with the parents. Stolen from the class of 2020 was that special moment when you proudly step onto a stage, in the presence of family and friends, and are handed that piece of paper that affirms a great achievement. 
Published Jun 8th, 2020

Celebrating 15 Years of Automotive Advice for Women

Since we were founded in 2005, we have worked very hard to move the automotive industry forward with the help of expert women in the industry, valuable industry partners, the loyal, professional, and trustworthy Certified Female Friendly network of automotive retailers, and of course, readers like you.  Thank you for a wonderful first 15 years!
Published May 22nd, 2020

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