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Jody DeVere

Consultant on the Women's Market, AskPatty, Inc. - Women in Automotive LLC

Member since: Dec 2016
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Jody DeVere Bio:

Jody DeVere is a internationally recognized speaker, trainer, often quoted industry pundit and spokesperson for the automotive industry on the women's market. She has been featured by the New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox Business, Forbes Women, Oprah Magazine and Parenting Magazine to name a few. As CEO of, she provides automotive education to women consumers and an interactive online Certified Female Friendly® certification training program for automotive retailers on how to attract, sell, retain and market to women.

In her role as marketing to women expert, automotive journalist, car care expert and safety spokesperson her goal is to educate women car buyers and owners, the automotive industry at large and promote, mentor and support careers for women in the automotive industry.

Jody DeVere is a champion for women in the automotive industry, and her company, Inc. serves as the first point of contact for many women who are seeking the very best experience to buy a car and service by visiting Certified Female Friendly® automotive retail locations across the United States and Canada.


•    Product and Brand Advocate to Consumers
•    Car Care and Safety Expert
•    Satellite TV and Radio Tours
•    Educational Content Writer
•    Product Reviews
•    Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Promotions
•    Creative Consulting
•    Social Media Launches
•    Webinars / Video
•    Cause Related Initiatives

Consulting , Training, Webinars, Online Events and Speaker

Marketing and Advertising to Women Insights

•    How to Reach Women: Social Media Strategies
•    How to Reach Women: Mobile Strategies
•    How to Reach Women: Cause Related Marketing
•    How to Reach Women: Online Strategies
•    How to Reach Women: Local Market Strategies
•    How to Reach Women: National Strategies
•    How to Reach Women: Print, Radio, TV
•    How to Reach Women:  By Segmentation, Demographics, Diversity Mix
•    How to Reach Women: Moms and Families

Selling to Women Insights 

•    How Sell to Women - Telephone Skills
•    How Sell to Women -  Communication Skills
•    How Sell to Women -  Diversity Markets
•    How Sell to Women -  Closing the Sale
•    How Sell to Women -  Retain Women Customers
•    How Sell to Women -  Word of Mouth - Reputation Management
•    How Sell to Women -  Online and in Social Media

Women, Careers and How to Succeed in Business

•    Hiring and Retaining Women - Best Practices
•    Creating Women Leaders
•    Motivating Women to Succeed in Business

Inspirational and Motivational 

•    Selling Success for Women in a Man's World
•    Facing Life's Challenges for Career Women
•    Stay Motivated by Joining a Cause
•    Women Owned Business Leadership Works

Automotive Advice for Women 
•    Car Care Maintenance Best Practices
•    Car Buying and Selling Advice
•    Car Finance and Insurance Advice
•    Travel and Road Trip Safety Advice


Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
"As a key speaker, Jody DeVere of, was hit at the recent Innovative Dealer Summit. Jody provided valuable and timely information on the critical importance of dealer focus in sales and service marketing strategy and to ensure that top decision makers are included. Jody is the premier industry expert on women buyers and advise show best to effectively market to the vital segment."
Tim Jackson President - Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

New York International Automobile Show
"Jody's expertise in the digital space was evident in her presentation and contributions during our "social media" panel discussion at the Automotive Trade Assn Executive meeting. She is also sensitive to her large women audience."
New York International Automobile Show

JD Power & Associates Automotive Roundtable
"The Roundtable was a resounding success, due in no small part to your subject knowledge and participation. We couldn't have done it without you!"
-Charlie Vogelheim and the Roundtable Team

Shell Oil Corporate
"To extend the reach of the Motor Oil Matters (MOM) campaign, the MOM team leveraged their partnership with automotive expert and social media specialist Jody DeVere of to help plan and execute two Twitter Parties - a first for the lubricant industry. Both parties provided relevant automotive information and educational motor oil tips in a fun, interactive and personal way to engage women in automotive topics while increasing consumer exposure to Attendees were engaged during the parties, which were heavily promoted for weeks prior to each by to their 1.2 million viewers and Jody's 10,000+ Facebook & Twitter followers. Jody and the AskPatty team were instrumental in organizing, promoting, implementing and measuring the success of these Twitter parties. Throughout the course of each party, Jody served as an active spokesperson, moderator and Motor Oil Matters ambassador. Each party averaged 344,500 consumer impressions and 150 registered attendees. Both events are considered not only successful, but, milestones for the lubricant industry in their quest to educate consumers on the benefits of using quality motor oils. Jody was a pleasure to work with and without a doubt has great ideas for implementing new strategies in the social media space." Elizabeth Boehm-Miller Shell Marketing Manager Corporate Headquarters

Jody DeVere Recently Blogged About:

2019 Ford Ranger - Will it Win with Women?

It is well known 45% of all light trucks and SUVs are purchased by women. I am very invloved with women off-roaders and wonder if the reinvented Ford Ranger pickup will delight them with these "Adventure-Ready: capabilities.
Published Feb 5th, 2018

Nostalgic McQueen Launch of the 2019 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt

Molly McQueen just launched a nostalgic 50th anniversary Ford limited-edition Mustang Bullitt to celebrate the iconic 1968 movie and chase scene, starring her grandfather Steve McQueen during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Published Jan 20th, 2018

Northwood University Dealer Education Award NADA 2017 - Eve Knudtsen Knudtsen Chevrolet Interview

Congratulations to Eve Knudtsen recipient of the 2017 Northwood University Dealer Education Award during the Northwood University Dealer Education Awards BreakfastSaturday, January 28, 2017 during NADA.
Published Jan 26th, 2017

AutoInc Magazine Mechanical Spotlight - A Telematics Primer by Jody DeVere

After a decade of growth, telematics has moved into the forefront of the technology challenges facing automotive service and collision repair shops, and it's really just getting started. In her article in the Jan.-Feb. issue of AutoInc., Jody DeVere, CEO of, looks at the past, present and future of telematics in the industry and what it means in the short and long terms for ASA members.
Published Jan 17th, 2017

Hey, salesman: Don’t “baby” me! Consumer Digest Issue January 2017

As the CEO of a company that champions the equitable treatment of women in the automobile-shopping realm, Jody DeVere’s work includes training automobile salespeople in regard to what’s inappropriate when a woman shops for a vehicle—new or used—at their dealership.
Published Jan 17th, 2017

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