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Jessica Howe is an insightful Automotive coach with an exceptional track record in helping clients become confident and self-reliant when it come to their vehicles. Using the skills acquired through personal and professional training, Jessica understands the processes of learning, and strives to help even the most technically-challenged to succeed with basic automotive maintenance. With over 10 years of experience, Jessica is dedicated to teaching others how to take control of their automotive needs.

With a strong mechanical background, and a degree in Transportation Technology specializing in Automotive Technologies, Jessica has a reflective understanding of how women relate with the automotive world. She is committed to adapting the way women in particular interact with the industry, and wants to empower every person, male or female, to succeed when dealing with all automotive matters.  

Jessica Howe lent her expertise to these automotive questions from our members:

Not much of a mechanic.. my left tire wobbles when I drive. Started as a small clicking sound but now it clicks all the time and my tire feels like it's going to fall off. I have stopped driving it really scared I'm going to loose my tire

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Is the 2010 Camry alternator ok for 2007 camry. Would the 2010 camry alternator fit in 2007 camry. 2.4L, V4, Altise. (2010 and 2007)

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Hi there! I have been looking to buy a used vehicle that has AWD and can drive well in snowy conditions. I thought a Subaru (e.g. Forester or Crosstrek) might be an option, until I started reading about the CVT transmission. To be clear, I do not own a vehicle, so I just used Subaru/Forester/2014/Transmission to correspond to the Make/Model/Year/Category in the "Tell us about your vehicle" section above. I have limited knowledge of CVT transmission, but have read some online reviews to learn more. I noticed some people say CVT transmission can lead to expensive issues (e.g. replacing the entire transmission) if they are not maintained. It seems that Subaru recommends changing the transmission fluid every 50,000 km or so. Many of the used Subarus that fall within my budget have well over 50,000 km, so I run the risk of facing high costs of repairs on the CVT transmission (and maybe other areas) if the previous owner was not careful with maintenance. Can you offer any advice on whether I should even consider a used car with CVT transmission? Thank you for your time and expertise.

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Girlfriend pulled immobilizer off car ignition and broke two of the wires that connect to where key goes I to connect them back to the best of my ability but all that's happening now is the flashing red light for anti-theft and all the lights and gages work but it won't turn over

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My truck runs great. She is about to pas 300,000 miles. I haven’t serviced the trans since she hit 150. Should I change the filter and fluid at this point? Also, what else should I do.

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