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Jessica Howe is an insightful Automotive coach with an exceptional track record in helping clients become confident and self-reliant when it come to their vehicles. Using the skills acquired through personal and professional training, Jessica understands the processes of learning, and strives to help even the most technically-challenged to succeed with basic automotive maintenance. With over 10 years of experience, Jessica is dedicated to teaching others how to take control of their automotive needs.

With a strong mechanical background, and a degree in Transportation Technology specializing in Automotive Technologies, Jessica has a reflective understanding of how women relate with the automotive world. She is committed to adapting the way women in particular interact with the industry, and wants to empower every person, male or female, to succeed when dealing with all automotive matters.  

Jessica Howe lent her expertise to these automotive questions from our members:

Have put 2 new distributors on it will start up fun for about a mile then shut off?

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My car almost overheated the computer display read "ac off engine hot" . I checked under the hood and to my knowledge NO coolant so I bought two gallons of coolant and a new thermostat to see if I can fix the problem ., Please give me your input thx for your time and assistance

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I have an 01 Saturn sl2 with almost 200k miles (recently acquired). Car was used to many short trips last 4-5 years of its life. I'm now driving five days a week, over 200 miles weekly. I noticed the car would sometimes seem to "accelerate" as you were trying to slow down and often the engine would race (3krpms) when car was running in park. I have cleaned throttle body, replaced the tps sensor and iac. I've sprayed carb cleaner all around intake manifold looking for a gasket leak. Since doing all this, problem is 80 percent better, but motor will still rev up some days once I get to work and am parking the car. No codes are showing on my scanner, no service lights are on.

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I need to have my Nissan repaired for RH Axel seal is leaking, lower control arms bushings spilt. Rear shocks need replacing. Is it worth repairing as my car has other issues. My c/d stereo is no longer working when I'm driving my car sounds like a snap crackle pop noise it comes and goes I can hear it on the freeway and driving around town. I've already put 2,500 in to it I bought it used it has 90,000 miles on it and don't know if it's best to buy a newer car? My gas mileage is 12 miles per gallon so I know something isn't right.

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I went to change the rear spark plugs on a 2001 Pontiac grand Prix 3.8l gt. I used a ratchet strap to support the engine (to gain more access to the back of the engine) as I removed the engine mount brackets. Upon completion, I went to release the ratchet strap & it went completely, allowing the engine to rest on its own with no support. Everything was assembled back in place. Motor doesn't shake, vibrate, or any issues there. Now when I drive (turn and brake), I have a grinding, clunking type sound coming from the front driver and passenger side

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