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Gail Dunn

Owner, Women's Automotive Connection

Member since: Jul 2014
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Atlanta’s Auto Advisor

With an extensive and varied business background, Gail Dunn brings a unique

and seasoned perspective to the automotive business. Working as a Consultant

in Organization Development before entering the automotive field in the

collision industry and as an estimator and body shop manager, Gail has had

opportunities to interact with the public extensively regarding their problems

with repairs. She is dedicated to the premise that customer service needs to be

central and that customers come first.

Gail is I-CAR platinum certified, ASI trained, and has a reputation in the

industry for her scrupulous honesty and grim determination.


Gail has assisted hundreds of customers across Atlanta with their personal

vehicle problems while additionally saving them money and time. Gail has

worked with many of the automotive service providers across the North

Georgia area and is widely known for her expertise and outstanding customer

service. Her hand picked network of service shops exceed customer

expectations in quality work, affordable value, and trust.




I had a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I had kept in immaculate condition.

One Sunday afternoon, it would not start. After looking it over, I found that

there was no fuel getting to the rails, and that meant to me that the fuel pump

was not operating properly. I had the Jeep towed to the dealership I worked for

and on Monday morning went over to the service department. I explained the

problem and specifically asked them to install a new fuel pump. Later in the

day, the Service Manager brought my vehicle to the Collision Center and told

me that they had just replaced a relay, since they got the engine running. This

did not satisfy me, but since the car ran, I went home. It ran for two days, and

then on Wednesday evening, the problem recurred. Once again, I had it towed,

but this time to the Collision Center where I worked. I went to the parts

department, purchased a fuel pump, and found a service tech that would install

it for $40 as a side job. When I confronted the Service Manager, he said he

was trying to save me money. I reiterated that I had originally asked that they

install a fuel pump, and had not requested a diagnosis or money-saving patch.

The upshot of all of this, the service department would have charged me about

$750 to install the pump, but when they dropped the ball, I had the work done

for less than $300.


Speaking Topics


Keynote topics


- Working in a man’s industry


- Empowering yourself to avoid rip offs


- Safety in cars and your role


- The art of buying/selling cars


- Learn who to trust with your car needs


- Secrets the sales and service people won’t share


- Starting a business of your own after corporate life




- Why research is important in car buying


- Collision process and choices re parts, etc


- Your role as the car owner


- Importance of proper insurance coverage


- What the cost of owning a car means 


- Dealing with insurance companies and collision centers after an accident




- The meaning and importance of dash lights


- Elements of emission system and getting inspections


- Technology in cars - Curse or Convenience


- Importance of maintaining the safety of your car


Gail Dunn lent her expertise to these automotive questions from our members:

I have a 2000 Cadillac sts I have had the car for about 2 years and have quite a bit of work into it, It just recently started saying "service suspension sys" It will go away and come back on. It first came on a few days ago and then went away and then just today it came back on. I just took to the shop about 2 to 3 weeks ago for a a new alternator I don't if that would have anything to do with it. It also has been making a weird clicking noise when I turn the wheel or hit a bump. I have looked online and found a few different answers so I am just wondering if anybody has had this happen and knows what it is. Read Answers

My 2014 Ford Fusion lunges forward upon slowing down or braking. This has happened twice to me, the first time resulting in an accident. Ford dealership had to car for a week and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is now repaired and I am leery of driving it. It only has 2100 miles on it. Read Answers

Our car battery on our 1996 Ford Taurus keeps dying.... But the battery is good and the alternator is good but the car runs off the batter. When the battery is disconnected the car shuts off. Is there a wiring issue? Read Answers

My 1996 Toyota Camry LE overheated and once I found a decent area to pull over then the car shut off and I waited for it to cool off, I poured coolant and then all the fluids had leaked out of the bottom. Now I don't know what it could be. Read Answers

Hello I have a 2006 Honda Civic ex and this morning I was driving down the street when I hit a pothole and now my radio completely shut off and I was wondering what could have caused it to shut off and how can I be able to fix it? Read Answers

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