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Dori Eppstein

General Manager Sales and Marketing,, Inc.

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“There’s is little that I enjoy more than working with a shop owner on strategy. Whether it’s marketing, personnel issues, improving customer service, or another challenge that a shop is facing, I love diving in with them to create actionable steps to bring around the change that’s needed.” - Dori

Dori Eppstein is the Founder and President of Successful Women in Automotive and is the General Manager of Sales & Marketing for She grew up in Southern California and started off in the auto repair industry handling the marketing for her brother’s first shop. She learned more about the business challenges auto repair shop owners face through the marketing work she did as well as through all of the reviews she handled for shop owners around the country. Her extensive leadership experience over the decades and her own entrepreneurial endeavors combined with her knowledge of the auto repair industry to make a perfect marriage to begin coaching and consulting in this industry. 

Over the years, Dori built a strong reputation for being a person who could turn departments, businesses, and organizations around. With a focus on creating solid teams, she quickly and accurately assesses what needs are being met and what needs to change. Working with leadership and staff, she implements policies and procedures that help them become successful. Dori is not afraid to face the tough issues and to hold you accountable to implement necessary change. 

Aside from coaching and consulting skills, Dori has a long history of developing and delivering successful trainings, webinars, and presentations. She loves to teach from the stage and inspire others to find their greatness. She will jump into the throes of challenges with you and together you’ll come out the other side with a stronger, more profitable, business. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Her favorite car she’s owned to date was a ‘68 Mustang convertible and she has many of the F1 races on her bucket list. 

A sampling of workshops, presentations, and key-notes:

Business Leadership & Management During Crisis

In this time of uncertainty, people want to be reassured and to know that you are taking precautions to keep them safe. This webinar will help you accomplish that as well as how to be prepared for future crises. Even if you are living in an area that is on lockdown, people still need auto repair. Let’s take a look at how we can ease the pain of our customers and employees while still moving forward through the current state of affairs and keep business flowing.

Simple SOP’s

Facing the need to create a set of complete Standard Operating Procedures for any business can be overwhelming. It’s easy to put off, but at this time in history, we have been shown just how important it is to be well prepared. We will break it down into simple, actionable steps. We won’t sugar coat it, though, because we know how much effort goes into an SOP. We want to give you the tools and encouragement you need to start to take this seriously without falling into the rabbit hole of overwhelm. 

Create a Great Shop Culture Guide

You want your shop to be a representation of you and your values. When you create a Culture Guide, your team will have a clear direction on what that looks like in action every day on the shop floor. We will break it down into actionable steps with an outline to give you the incentive to get this critical aspect of your business completed. 

SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) Analysis of Your Business 

Strategic planning needs to be done on a regular basis. One simple way to accomplish that goal is through the use of a SWOT analysis. It gives you the opportunity to scrutinize your business in ways that will help you put new strategies and tactics to work for you. We will look at possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business or department is currently dealing with and come up with actionable steps to implement successful change. 

Marketing During Crisis

This is NOT the time to give up your marketing budget or efforts. We'll take a look at what you can and should be saying during the COVID-19 outbreak and government-imposed restrictions. We will cover social media, blogs, reviews, videos, texting, and more.

Putting Reviews to Work for Your Business

Even bad reviews can end up being excellent marketing for your business. In the webinar-short, we will take a look at the reasons why responding to reviews can help with your overall marketing and SEO standings. We will take a look at examples of some good and not so good responses to reviews. By the end, you will be experts on putting your reviews to work for you!

Others presentations/talks/trainings:

1. Wat IS sexual harassment? Making sure you know the subtleties

2. Diversity training

3. Manager vs. Leader: be the leader  

4. Shifting gears: crafting the most women-friendly shop possible

5. From good to great: delivering an excellent customer service experience every time

6. Servant Leadership: putting this approach to work for your organization

7. Mindfulness-based work environments: increasing productivity and retention while decreasing attrition and sick days


“Dori has numerous skills as her resume testifies. Against a background of great managerial skills and intelligence, I was most impressed with her exceptional interpersonal skills. Staff, physicians, patients, and collaborators at various sites in the country respected her and expressed their liking of her. Her skill profile and experience make her successful in many areas and in particular as a coach and consultant. I recommend her enthusiastically.” -- Dr. Toke Hoppenrouwers, Principle Researcher, USC + LAC Hospital

“Dori is a very detailed and organized leader. She has the innate ability to get people working together. Dori is great with people on an individual level or in a team setting. There is no mountain too high for Dori to climb. She will make the most difficult workspaces a happier more cohesive one.” -- Kisty Stephens, Executive Director, Sparrow’s Voice & CEO, 

“She has a unique ability to connect with people and develop a deep understanding of where they are at in life and where they wish they were. Dori has been a great mentor to me and has helped me develop into the community leader that I am today. She is creative and talented and has always been able to give me a new and unique perspective that has helped me come up with creative solutions to barriers that I faced both personally and professionally. I am honored to give Dori my highest recommendation - and continue to look forward to working with her in the future.” -- Maria Montano, UMPC

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