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In her new role as Chief Editor of the Automotive Advice for Women website and blog, she will create a variety of informational woman-focused content on all subjects from car care and maintenance, to lifestyle-related features, vehicle reviews, and news.On behalf of Automotive Advice for Women, Brandy Schaffels will be a speaker during the media preview days on a panel at the upcoming 2013 New York International Auto Show Women's Automotive Association International Breakfast on Thursday March 28th on "The Woman Car Buyer". She will be discussing the soaring economic power of women today, the challenges they face in the marketplace, and better ways to communicate and connect with them today and in the future. Mercedes-Benz USA among others is a sponsor of this event.Brandy entered the digital space in 1999 as the Project Manager for developing, writing, and photographing all kinds of editorial content from automotive reviews to domestic and international auto shows; she managed their forums and e-newsletters and oversaw their Spanish site Most recently, she was Senior Editor and Content Manager of where she created consumer friendly content in a variety of subjects covering safety, technology, and alternate powertrain vehicles, as well as educational car shopping, leasing and buying features.Brandy first burned rubber in a red 1976 Chevy Monza and will never forget her first true muscle car: a Root Beer Brown 1968 Mustang Coupe with a 289cid small-block V-8. Her current daily driver is a blaze yellow 2010 Ford Fiesta she has nicknamed Sunshine. She has two sons -- a 19-year-old named Benjamin, and 10-year-old Tristan -- and three cats.

Brandy Schaffels lent her expertise to these automotive questions from our members:

I have a couple of questions I am a mechanic and my boyfriend's neon started acting up he would start the car and it would idle rough while it was idling the headlights and interior lights would flicker and then he was driving and the belt closes to the wheel well blew off cause the wheel to break after that the car would get really hot but the gauge was saying that the temperature was normal I checked the hoses check vacuum leaks cleaned all the grounds for better connection and I changed the fuel pump in the tank and now the lid won't seal could a little bend cause it to lose gas I only can put 2 dollars worth of gas in and not even 5 miles down the road I would need to get more gas I don't want to even put my 3year old daughter in the car I've never owned a neon but everyone I know says there junk I don't like them bc u don't have room to work in the engine compartment please help..I tried everything the last thing is now it's starting to start ruff Read Answers

Ok well everything worked fine except it needed a power steering pump which I know how to do but driving it home the cruise control would work have the time everything else was fine except it had no radio in the car well once I hooked up a radio the inside lights started working are they didn't work before so thought ok cool then my power mirror button broke and now my dash lights stopped working and if the running lights or head lights are on while the car is on the car won't shut off until u shut them off u can drive the car and everything until u shut the headlight switch off explain this one to me please I've checked every fuse checked power to every thing my only next step is to check the summer switch but everything was fine unroll that power mirror switch went bad and the other crazy thing is ever since it went bad the cruise control works everytime Read Answers

I was driving and all the lights lit up in the interior dashboard and start flashing. I parked the car and then went back and it started up and drove again for a couple days then it started all over again. It has happened three times. Read Answers

Is 190,000 miles too much for a 1999 Honda Accord, it's selling for $1,700 Read Answers

Looking to buy a new or used 2016 Escape. Test drove an SW with Ecoboost and four-wheel drive. Any thoughts on this vehicle?

What does the term "titanium" mean when listed for this vehicle.

I am looking to purchase a used rental vehicle from Avis. Amy guidelines. Purchasing strategies to use with a rental vehicle as opposed to off the lot? Read Answers

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