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Bogi Lateiner

Founder & Owner, 180 Degrees Auto

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Bogi Lateiner Bio:

Bogi Lateiner is an ASE Certified Mechanic and the founder and owner of 180 Degrees Automotive, a full-service auto repair shop in central Phoenix. She opened the doors of 180º Auto in early 2007 at the height of The Great Recession; a time when most others were closing theirs. With no previous business experience and no automotive upbringing (her parents both worked for non-profits), Bogi took 180’s carport garage and single employee—herself—through five years of increasing horsepower, clocking in 2012 sales at $1-million-plus/year, six full-time employees, and the purchase and renovation of a $1-million state-of-the-art, green-optimized service facility.

Just prior to 180º Auto, Bogi worked in the field for six years as a Master Certified BMW mechanic.  Her first car experience came in the shape of an old Volkswagen Bug.  She was sixteen.  Multiple trips to the repair shop, however, left her hating the way she’d been treated and filled her with anxiety.  She enrolled in her school’s auto shop. With the help of a few good mentors and a couple good books, she completed a ground-up restoration of her beloved bug, building her confidence in the process. 

Bogi graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio’s Oberlin College, in just three years, with a double major in Women’s Studies and Pre-Law (and a minor in Politics). She had her sights on Harvard Law, but the headier things got, the more she missed working with her hands, using them to fix cars. She made an about-face and moved to Phoenix. She graduated from Universal Technical Institute and went job-hunting. It was a difficult time and work was elusive, but it increased her compassion for women in the auto industry. As the pieces came together, she began to see that her passion was not simply to fix cars, but to empower others to fix cars—women, especially. By educating others on the basics of auto repair, promoting women within the industry, and creating a healthier relationship between cars, their owners, and the automotive process, Bogi Lateiner ventured far beyond her comfort zone and right into the place where she’s needed the most.

In addition to operating and managing 180 Degrees Automotive, Bogi teaches (and her shop offers) car-care classes for women. She also leads automotive workshops, does personal and business coaching and makes presentations on a wide range of automotive and business topics all over America.  She recently entered her second season as one of the 3-girl crew on the Velocity Channel’s ‘All Girls Garage’. She’s happiest when teaching and empowering others whether it’s about cars, growing a small business or taking on your fears -and she loves to be part of the excitement when women (and men) discover that what they once found intimidating can be energizing and freeing.

(Bogi still has her little bug – a daily reminder of her journey)


As a master mechanic, award winning shop and small business owner, and leveraging my experience as a host for the TV show All Girls Garage - I am a knowledgeable and energetic spokesperson for an array of products and companies.  From tool companies, shop equipment, parts manufactures to small business products.

I am an expert on vehicle maintenance, car care, growing a small business, marketing and women, social entrepreneurship, thriving during economic down turn and an inspiring business storyteller.


·         Small business development

·         Personal growth

·         Car care expert

·         Master Auto Mechanic

·         Marketing to women

·         Thriving in down economy

·         Hiring and retaining women

·         Social entrepreneurship

·         Finding your voice/story

·         Internal marketing

·         Marketing to the digital generation

·         People before profits

·         Diversity training

·         Building value proposition

·         Standing out from competition, embracing difference 


Each topic can be either a keynote, short or long presentation or more in depth workshop depending on the needs of the client.

·         “Under the Hood” Car care clinics – taught by a woman, for women at your shop or for your group  (work shop only)

·         How to put on a successful car care clinic at your shop

·         People Before Profits – how putting people first multiplies your bottom line.

·         Not your father’s Auto Shop: Differentiate your business and thrive in the new economy

·         Marketing in the digital age – how to use testimonials, social media, and relationship marketing to market your brand

·         Marketing to women - what 60% of your buyers are looking for. 

·         Getting out of your own way - grow yourself to grow your business.

·         Systems, structures and numbers - the nuts and bolts of building your business to be functional without you.

·         People do business with people not with businesses - finding your story and branding yourself.

·         Thriving in a male dominated industry - how to excel without pissing people off or losing yourself.

·         Hiring and retaining women - nurturing a strong and loyal corporate culture that will attract both men and women

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