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Amy Mattinat

Owner and Author, Auto Craftsmen Ltd

Member since: Oct 2013
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Automotive Expert Advisor Consultant

Amy Mattinat Bio:

Amy Mattinat is the President of Auto Craftsmen LTD, an Independent Auto Repair Sales & Service Center. She manages her business, writes a monthly Car Care Newsletter, a Magazine Column called ‘Under The Hood’, is the author of “How to Buy A Great Used Car" and has taught many Women Car Care Clinics. She also has another business: Bulls Eye Marketing where Amy teaches other businesses how to successfully market their business. Her biggest client in 2012 has been the State of Vermont (VtSMDC).  Amy is a dynamic speaker, marketing expert and co-author of the book “Whatever Happened to Outstanding Customer Service”. She was recently elected President of the Car Care Council Women's Board.

Amy gives speaking engagements and classes on how to run a successful automotive business including shop flow, team leadership & management, how to put on a Women’s car care clinic and most importantly, how to creatively market your business to success.


How to Provide The 'WOW' to your Automotive Business so You Become Well Known for Extraordinary Customer Service in your Community

Amy is a successful business owner and motivational speaker. She is not only entertaining and humorous, but also delivers valuable content, real-world examples and creative solutions that your audience can use in their business and personal lives.


Key Marketing Concepts You MUST Understand to Successfully Market Your Automotive Business (including Tire Stores) 

This 2 1/2 hours workshop will teach you the Key Marketing Concepts you MUST Understand if you want to successfully increase your customer base, retain clients and increase your sales.

Here are some comments from workshop participants:   

  • Great info, dynamic speaker, terrific energy… I want some of that!
  • Fantastic workshop, I was at the front of my chair the whole time!
  • The content was excellent and delivered in an animated and entertaining way!
  • I learned so many positive, effective marketing strategies. Genius in Simplicity!

How to Set up a Successful Referral Program 

This hands-on 2 1/2 workshop explains the HUGE benefit of having a referral program in your business. It then walks you step-by-step through the process of creating your program and systematizing the program so it runs on auto-pilot. All you have to do is go back home, put everything into place and watch your data base start growing.

Here are some comments from workshop participants:

  • Phenomenal and so Essential! It’s a great class for any business owner.
  • I found Amy to be extraordinarily and infectiously motivating.
  • The big bonus for this workshop is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • She gave me samples of her businesses marketing materials. I used them as a template to quickly and easily create my own pieces that I started using immediately.
  • I want more! This was a realistic presentation that can be applied to any business.

Women Car Care Clinics:  

Amy will teach your service department how to run their own Women's Car Care Clinic. She will bring to your shop a 'Turn-Key'  clinic. She will provide you with posters, marketing materials, step-by-step set-up for her 3 hour class, hand-out for your ladies, and will present your 1st car care clinic with your staff, training them at the same time so in the future you can put on your own clinics.  Her workshop is designed to empower the women while educating them about their cars which make them better quality customers who understand the importance of maintenance services.

Here are some comments from workshop participants:

  • WOW, what a workshop that was! Thanks for the fun and useful class, handouts and goodies. They’re great, but the best part was the time spent with real technicians explaining things about real cars. I feel like I now have a relationship with my shop.
  • Very Helpful? I really enjoyed this clinic. I feel more comfortable about my car and the needed services. The atmosphere was relaxing, easy to ask questions.
  • Information was useful – very helpful to be able to see under the cars and various parts being discussed. I have a better understanding of what the technicians have to do – cars are even more complicated than I realized. There are so many different kinds and all with different insides. Maintenance is key.
  • Everyone should take this class! I learned so much about maintenance and feel more confident in talking about my car and knowing what it needs. This knowledge is priceless!


Amy’s shop Auto Craftsmen is an ASE Blue Seal Shop

Auto Craftsmen is also a AAA Approved Repair Shop

Member of Car Care Council Women’s Board

Member of Automotive Expert Advisory Panel

Member: Rotary International

2008 Writer/Participant: Audi Mileage Marathon

2010 spokesperson: Mobil 1 Motor Oil Division of Exxon/Mobile

2011 Writer/Participant: Goodyear's new Assurance Triple Tread all-season tire.  

2012 AAPEX / SEMA Top Female Shop Owner: Awarded by The Car Care Council Women’s Board

2012 Writer/Participant: Michelin Tire Influencer Community

2013 Featured in a Trade Secrets article in Motor Magazine


Amy Mattinat lent her expertise to these automotive questions from our members:

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