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Edmonds Import Auto in Palmer

About Edmonds Import Auto

We are not Parts Replacers. We are Diagnosticians.

Most vehicles today are no longer just a pile of sheet metal and bolts. In the day and age of attaining greater fuel mileage, preserving the environment, and improving efficiency, most vehicles today are computers with wheels. The average import vehicle has a vast array of modules, sensors, relays and up to three different communication platforms. They require specialized tools, software and extensive knowledge to repair properly. We at Edmonds Import Auto invest heavily in the proper repair equipment for your vehicle. Our technicians must meet a minimum benchmark of training each year just to meet our standards—and our technicians never meet just the minimum. Our technicians use import specific diagnostic tools, which enable our technicians to “speak” with your vehicle. Combined with years of training and experience, we work hard to get your vehicle diagnosed correctly the first time. This is the first way Edmonds Import Auto can earn your trust and confidence—that we will not just recommend parts and repairs that won’t fix your problem.

We are not Mechanics. We are Technicians.

Some things on vehicles will never change. There will always be moving parts to make other parts move, which in turn move the vehicle in the desired direction. However, a lot of other things have changed in the automotive industry. Most repairs can be made to a vehicle by simply upgrading the software in various modules, much like you would fix your home computer or smartphone. The days of fixing every automotive ailment with a socket and a wrench are quickly fading into the past. The successful automotive mechanic is much more than someone who can identify a balljoint from a wheel bearing. Today’s automotive mechanic is born of grease and busted knuckles, but must evolve into a computer technician as they progress alongside the ever-changing automotive technology. The technicians at Edmonds Import Auto are proud to call themselves automotive technicians, because they know your vehicle is far more complex than nuts and bolts. Edmonds Import Auto approaches each vehicle with the same level of respect and commitment as the engineers that designed it’s many modules, systems, and nuances. This is the second way Edmonds Import Auto can earn your trust and confidence—by completing your vehicle’s repair to factory standards.

We are not just a Garage. We are Edmonds Import Auto.

Edmonds Import Auto was created by two individuals who believe that people, as well as their vehicles, deserve an honest and friendly repair experience. Combined together, the Alaskan born business partners have over thirty years experience. However, the skill and experience with import vehicle repair does not end with the Edmonds’. All of our technicians are highly qualified, knowledgable, and contribute much more than automotive repairs to the equation. Coupled with friendly, approachable, and informed service advisors, Edmonds Import Auto can promise you, the customer, that we will always treat you and your vehicle with the respect that you deserve. The complete equation for Edmonds Import Auto starts and ends with our customers. We strive to be not just an automotive repair facility, but a place all of our customers feel welcome to ask questions, learn new things, and be a part of the entire process. We are car people and we are extremely passionate about our work. We are committed to the development of our customers. We are devout to your vehicle and the proper repair. We practice life-long learning. We are Edmonds Import Auto and we present the most important way to earn your trust and confidence—by standing by everything that makes us Edmonds Import Auto.

Edmonds Import Auto Location Information

Edmonds Import Auto
1880 Glenn Hwy.
Palmer, AK 99645

Services: Auto Parts, Auto Repair Centers

Joined December, 2014

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