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Queen of Cars - Crown Nissan in Hoover

About Queen of Cars - Crown Nissan

Hi, ladies!  Thank you for visiting my website.  Why am I the “Queen of Cars”?  I have done a lot of research and consequently become quite the expert on where dealerships are failing in respect to the female customer.  When I first got into the car business, I immediately realized the negativity associated with women and car-buying.  What I couldn’t understand is………..WHY IS THIS SUCH A PROBLEM?!

The statistics on how women affect the marketplace are incredible. I understand that women are more involved than ever in purchase decisions, yet they are often neglected, treated rudely, and sometimes even ignored.  When you read the facts below, you will agree they are indisputable. Take a look at the following statistics:

  • Between 70 and 80% of all purchase decisions are made by women (more than 80% in the auto industry).
  • Women buy half of all new cars sold in the U.S.
  • More than 9 million women on their own business.
  • Women buy half of all cars and homes sold.
  • When men shop, they are usually buy for themselves.
  • When women shop, they are buying for themselves and their families (including their spouse).
  • Women want more than just the basics.
  • Women want to build long-term relationships.

The next logical question is this.  Why do so many salespeople and businesses not give women the attention they need and deserve?  I suppose “why” is not as important as “how to fix it”. Since I began working in the auto industry, I am continually amazed at how female AND male shoppers respond to the female salesperson as well as females at the management level.  Perhaps this is because females are generally more welcoming. They also don’t mind “giving” more of their time, etc. because as shoppers that’s what they expect.

I think you will agree that women are the decision makers. What car dealerships need to realize is that they are shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t take the female car buyer seriously.  Women want to be treated as a knowledgeable, serious car buyer.  Their loyalty will lie with the dealership that makes them feel the most respected and most comfortable. Wake up car salespeople! The statistics are staring you in the face. Those that ”get it”, well the sky’s the limit.  Those who don’t, are out of luck.

I currently work at Crown Nissan in Hoover, Alabama at the management level.  I have made it my personal goal to see to it that women are treated differently than what has been the norm in the past. I have assembled a “team” of salespeople that I have full confidence in where the female shopper is concerned.  My sales team is made up of experienced, kind and respectful salesmen that I have observed during my time here.  They always treat their female customers with respect.  They also don’t mind taking the time to answer questions and educate the female customer.  My guys are not pushy and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated…..I will see to it. They give 110% of their time, energy and knowledge.  I trust them with my customers.

I would love the opportunity to show you how pleasant car shopping can be, and  I hope you will allow me that chance.  Call me today at (205) 989-4238 and let’s get started!


Queen of Cars - Crown Nissan Location Information

Queen of Cars - Crown Nissan
1640 Montgomery Hwy
Hoover, AL 35216

Services: Auto Dealerships, Auto Repair Centers

Servicing: Certified Pre-Owned, Nissan

Joined May, 2011

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Overall Rating 10.0
Customer Service 10.0
Friendliness 10.0
Product Knowledge 10.0
Quality of Repair Work 10.0
Overall Experience 10.0
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