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My 2001 SL1 sometimes won't start, I can turn the key and it just won't start, and then other days it's perfectly fine. And now today, it wouldn't start at all, no lights, no dinging with the key, it's a manual so I pushed it down a hill and nothing, no lights, no engine turn over, nothing. What could this be?

I got a message Drivetrain Malfunction after fueling my car, I didn’t have any problems on the car only the message. I stopped the car and restart the engine and the message disappears. What is the possible cause?

I have a decent offer to buy BMW 320d 2013 model. I am considering it, however, i have serious doubts over the vehicle engine that is BS4 and current BS6 norms and BS6 diesel. What can be the issues related to BS4 Diesel engine and BS6 fuel And is it advisable to buy a BS4 diesel model today? Please share your thoughts.

I have an 05 dodge magnum with a 5.7 hemi. It threw a rod through the side of the block. I also have a wrecked 08 ram 1500 with a good 5.7 hemi could i just swap the two. What are the differences between the 2? i know the intakes are different. Can i just swap the intakes if not could i just use the block from the truck to rebuild my magnums engine?

why won't my gas cap warning on dash window go off?? i went and bought new cap and put good gas in it and reset it on dash and its still staying on and even with my other new locked gas cap it still stays on with both new caps.Engine light went on and still stays on before the gas cap light warning came on than the oil chage light cam on after that ...

what is the location of the engine code or how can i find it out?

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