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"check engine" light stays on. I had the truck hooked to a computer and the oxygen sensor replaced, jets blown out and timing chain replaced and the light remains on. Any suggestions? Linda
My 1996 sedan with dual cam engine is hesitating at times. what should be checked? Thanks
My oil light has been on for the last two days maybe more I do not know, now today half way to work my check engine light came on. Not only that but there is a strange noise coming from the hood. It is not a squeaking or a clanking or a scratching, and it is not very loud. Is it just that it needs oil? I do not really have the money to fix it and its my ...
Hello, My name is Steven. I live in Charlotte, NC. I have a 1999 Mercury Villager which has the same engine and drive train as the 1999 Nissan Maxima. The Transmission went six months ago, I am in the process of having it rebuilt. After that I am considering having the engine rebuilt (there are currently no problems with the engine). Prior to the ...
beginning in 12/06 with an engine overheating problem,engine was rebuilt (head gaskets,etc)since then it has had problems with leaking coolant, overheating in traffic,etc. Now am being told that the head gasket has blown and needs replacing along with an axle seal leak and water passage gasket replaced. Cost estimate is $2000-3000, mileage is 155,000; in ...
I need to get the engine re-built. How do I find a reputable engine repair shop? What should I ask when I go in? What info should be included in an estimate?
Hello, I recently got a tune-up and noticed that the timing of the gear was a little off. It was a little strange at first but then it disappeared. A few weeks later, I was driving and I noticed that when I pushed on the accelerator the engine roared like it was on neutral (with the accelerator being pushed down) and the gear had a hard time shifting. It ...

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